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6 simple ways to wake up to a good hair day

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6 simple ways to wake up to a good hair day


There’s always those days when you style your hair the day before and it looks *absolutely* perfect—but you have to get to bed. Whether you put it up in a bun or opt for leaving it loose, you always run the risk of waking up with those annoying creases or so many knots.


Well… what if we told you there was a way for you to wake up to that same perfect hair from the night before? Read on for six trusty methods that will guarantee you wake up to good hair days from now on.


1. Switch to a satin pillowcase 

You’ve probably heard this one before, but once you actually try it there’s no going back. A satin pillowcase allows your hair to be static-free, doesn’t create any harsh patterns and keeps your scalp feeling cool all night.


2. The trick to perfect curtain bangs

If you can’t seem to get that perfect swoop every time, we’ve got a trick for you to try out. Before you head to bed, section off your bangs, brush them out, grab a hair roller

and roll it away from your face, pinning it on top of your head. Leave the roller works its magic overnight and watch that *perfect* swoop when you pull it out the next morning.


3. Try sleeping in different hairstyles

First of all, avoid ponytails at all costs—they cause breakage and lead to those dreadful bends and creases by morning. You can opt for a bun, but secure it with butterfly clips or bobby pins to avoid tugging and breakage caused by elastic hair ties.


You could also play around with sleeping in different types of braids (loose, french, rope, etc.), which could result in some cute and unique waves the next day. Just make sure to tie them with satin scrunchies or any soft material.


4. Do a night hair care routine

Just as you have your body and skincare routines, why not show your hair some love too? Depending on what your hair needs, consider adding one or two products to wake up to your best hair ever.


If your hair is on the drier side, consider adding some drops of oil or a leave-in product to your ends for shiny strands the next day. If it’s on the oilier side, maybe add some dry shampoo or texture spray for some major volume in the morning.


5. Find your fave heat less curls method

There are so many different methods for achieving curls overnight. You can use this method or get the kit to do this same method. You could also try out pin-up curls or various twists and braiding methods.


As your last step, add a small amount of oil once you run your fingers through the curls in the morning to smooth any frizz and for major shine (of course!).


6. Try everything in satin material

Lastly, once you’ve got a satin pillowcase, why stop there? Satin scrunchies are perfect for tying up your hair without breaking or tugging. Want the hair you spent hours straightening to remain sleek all night? Consider a satin scarf or headband to keep every strand smooth and in place. Satin is key when you want smooth, frizz-free hair.




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