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The” Aavaram Flower” is a type of flower with similar medicinal parcels. The word” Did you see the aphorism sawar to have bloomed the aavar” speaks of the medicinal beauty of the aavaram flower. Then are some of the uses of this aavaram flower.

Beauty of the face

Everyone has a desire to have a beautiful face. Especially for women, this study will always prevail. rather of applying chemicals similar as bonds etc. on the face to buck up the face, take a little bit of dried aavaram flowers, grind them in green hair and apply it on the face and wash it off after some time.

Body odor

People who eat a lot of adipose foods have a advanced body odour. Take a little bit of aavaram flowers, grind it well, apply it each over the body and also take a bath after it’s dry. It also removes rashes and itching.


Utmost types of fever are caused by one or the other type of bacterial infections. No matter what kind of fever you’re suffering from, if you drink boiled water from time to time during fever, the impunity of the body will increase and the fever will go down veritably snappily.

Infections order complaint is caused due to unsafe coitus and lack of hygiene of private corridor. These goods don’t go down from the body so fluently. still, if people suffering from this complaint drink aavaram flower juice made from aavaram flower, the order infections will be cured snappily.


Aavaram flower works best in controlling diabetes. Pick the aavaram flowers, dry them, also put some clean water in the roaster, put the aavaram flowers dried in the shade, boil them well, strain the water and add a little bit of paneer to prepare aavaram flower tea.

However, the diabetes will be under control, if diabetic patients drink this tea every day. It also gives strength to the body. You can drink this honey without adding paneer and any other sweets.


During ages of high temperature and when the body suffers from certain types of conditions, the water content in the body dries up and dehumidification occurs. During this period, if you drink water soaked aavaram flower soaked water or aavaram flower and boiled and drained water, you can get relieve of dehumidification in the body.

Curing Liver, stomach diseases

If you eat aavaram flowers raw, the poisons in the stomach and bowel will be fully excluded. Along with this, stomach related conditions will also be cured. Drinking aavaram flower tea removes poisons from the liver and strengthens the liver. It prevents conditions like hostility from being in the future.


If you grind the aavaram flowers from time to time and apply it on the blisters and injuries that are healing on the body, they will heal snappily. Aavaram flower is largely detergent in nature. Eating these flowers from time to time protects the body from getting infected by contagious origins. Aavaram flower is the stylish natural remedy to cure the goods of eating putrefied foods.


Some women witness heavy bleeding during period and suffer from pain in the abdomen. However, you’ll stop bleeding during period, if you eat aavaram flowers in combination during these times. Pain in the tummy will be reduced. It also removes the nuts in the uterus.

Madras eye

During the stormy season, some people develop an eye- related complaint called Madras Eye, in short. However, the origins in the eye will be destroyed and the eyes will get back to their original position snappily, if you grind the aavaram flowers well and leave a manydrops of its juice in the eyes from time to time.

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