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Children’s short stories


Welcome to the largest free online library of children’s short stories for Primary and Infant boys and girls.

When I Look at you    


                                                  And You Look at me  

                                                           I wonder what wonderful  

                                                                  Things you will be


                                   When  you were too small

                         To tell me hello,         

  I Knew  you were someone 

                I wanted to know .

                                                                    For all of your tininess

                                                                                   Couldn’t disguise

                                                                                             A heart so enormous …

                                                                And wild …

                 And  wise .

classic children’s stories


The classic stories are part of our culture, since they have taught lessons and advice to the little ones for centuries. That is why brings you a selection of the best classic stories, so that both you and your son or daughter can enjoy these stories that contain such important wisdom that has continued to be transmitted over the years. And the fact is that children’s stories do not have an expiration date!


Classic stories

The same classic tales you grew up with

It recalls and transmits the interesting stories contained in the classic children’s stories, which are always the order of the day. Teach your children to enjoy adventures that will help them grow, interact with other people and their environment, and express themselves with these classic children’s stories . Enjoy with your children the classic stories with which you grew up. Due to their content and the values ​​they transmit, they turn out to be ideal stories for elementary school children. 

has adapted the stories for children so that their level of difficulty in reading is suitable for all ages. Among the proposed folk tales you will find, for example, adaptations of the tales of the Brothers Grimm, some of the best-known classic tales.

  Many of the stories have illustrations, so children can enjoy the images from classic stories .

  The pleasure of reading through classic stories

 Instilling the little ones with the pleasure of reading from an early age is of great importance if good habits are to be established. Teach them that they can travel to a thousand worlds, discover incredible places, sympathize with characters, etc. All without leaving the site. Reading encourages children’s curiosity and imagination, making them more intellectually active. To get started in this fantastic world, the classic stories for children presented by me are a perfect first step. If your children are somewhat older, don’t worry, we also put at your disposal fables for children , adapted to their ages. Enjoy the stories collected in the classic stories for children, those who They taught you important lessons and now they can help your little ones too.

Red Riding Hood

 Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who always wore a red hooded cape to protect herself from the cold. That’s why everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood.

 Little Red Riding Hood lived in a little house near the forest. One day, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother told her:

 – My daughter, your grandmother is ill. I have prepared a basket with cakes and a jar of honey for you to take with you. You’ll see how happy she is! 




Great, mom! I also really want to go visit her – Little Red Riding Hood said jumping for joy.

  When Little Red Riding Hood was about to leave the house, her mother, with a slightly serious gesture, gave her a warning:

  – Be very careful, honey. Do not entertain yourself with anything and do not talk to strangers. You know that the wolf lives in the forest and it is very dangerous. If you see it appear, keep going without stopping.

  – Don’t worry, mommy,” said the girl – I’ll take into account everything you tell me.

 – Okay – said the mother, confidently – Give me a little kiss and don’t delay in coming back.

 “I will, Mom,” said Little Red Riding Hood again saying goodbye with her little hand as she walked away.

 When she got to the forest, the little girl began to distract herself by looking at the little birds and picking flowers. She did not realize that someone was watching her from behind an old, leafy tree. Suddenly, he heard a sweet, flattering voice.

 – Where are you going, Little Red Riding Hood?

 The girl, with a start, turned and saw that it was a huge wolf who was speaking to her.

 – I’m going to my grandmother’s house, on the other side of the forest. She is ill and I am bringing her a delicious snack and some flowers to brighten her day.

 – Oh, that’s great! – Said the cunning wolf – I also live there. I’ll race you to see who gets there first. Each one of us will go a different way, is that okay?

 The innocent girl thought it was a funny idea and nodded. He did not know that the wolf had chosen the shortest way to reach his destination first. When the animal arrived at the grandmother’s house, it knocked on the door.

 – Who is it? – The woman yelled.

 – It’s me, grandmother, your dear granddaughter Little Red Riding Hood. Open the door for me – said the wolf, imitating the girl’s voice.

 – Come in, my dear. The door is open – answered the grandmother.

 The evil wolf entered the house and without thinking twice, jumped on the bed and ate the old woman. Then she put on her nightgown and nightcap and crawled between the sheets, waiting for the girl to arrive. After a while, there was a knock.

 – Who calls? – Said the wolf forcing his voice as if it were the grandmother.

 – It’s me, Little Red Riding Hood. I come to visit you and bring you some delicious sweets for a snack.

 – Come in, dear, I’m looking forward to hugging you,” said the evil wolf licking his lips.

 The room was dim. When she approached the bed, it seemed to Little Red Riding Hood that her grandmother was very changed. Surprised, she said:

 – Granny, granny, what big eyes you have!

 – They are to see you better, my precious – answered the wolf, softening his voice.

 – Granny, granny, what big ears you have!

 – They are to hear you better, dear.

 – But… granny, granny, what a big mouth you have!

 – It’s to eat you better! – Shouted the wolf, jumping enormously and eating the girl in one bite.

 With a full belly after so much food, the wolf became sleepy. He left the house, lay down in the garden, and fell fast asleep. The loud sound of his snoring caught the attention of a passing hunter. The man approached and saw that the animal had a very swollen belly, too much for a wolf. Suspecting that something strange was happening, he took a knife and slit her belly. She was very surprised when she saw that the grandmother and the girl came out safely!

 After releasing them, the hunter sewed up the wolf’s belly and they waited a while for the animal to wake up. When he finally opened his eyes, he saw how the three surrounded him and heard the deep and threatening voice of the hunter who shouted at him in anger:

 – Get out, you bad wolf! We don’t want you in this forest! As soon as I see you here again, you will not tell it again!

 The terrified wolf stormed off and stormed out.

 Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, tears streaming down their cheeks, hugged. The scare had passed and the girl had learned an important lesson: she would never again disobey her mother or trust strangers.

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