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Dear readers, in the modern times, seldom people think about their health, while they are in the pursuit of targets, goals and status in the society.

Every individual is under different types of pressure to perform well in one’s own personal life and professional life. Besides these, the pressure for establishing an acceptable social status in the community is in their mind, all the time.


In the pursuit of excellence, almost every member of a family experiences the bitterness of failure at some time or the other in life. On most occasions, the lame excuse of “Sour Grapes” is given in self-defense, instead of analyzing the real causes for their failure to maintain good health.


Many times the individual person feels helpless and sometimes even diffident to solve the problems, while facing the challenges:due to lack of i) guidance,ii) time and iii) proper forum to “pause” analyze and rejuvenate one’s self.


But, a responsible person will never miss any opportunity that would motivate oneself to listen to a “clarion call” given by people with good intentions to help the needy. I am presenting an article titled “HEALTH Is The Only Permanent Wealth” compiled by us for such individuals who are so deeply engrossed in their day to day activities that they ultimately end up neglecting their health.   


It contains useful tips to fine tune the body and mind by practicing simple “Hand Mudras” and                       

“Pranayamas” and “yoga asanas” The Mudras will ensure the maintenance of good health throughout their life,by sincerely attempting to set a disciplined and healthy lifestyle.  


The breathing exercises and asanas that are suggested here will surely energize the body and mind to give an individual the optimum confidence to perform all the routine activities successfully and joyfully. Normally, in order to boost the performance of every member of a family.


doctors often advise to take health drinks or tonics or multivitamin capsules without realizing that in nature there are plenty of precious and easily available sources, which provide all the essential nutrients & minerals at low cost without experiencing any adverse effects.


“Seven Precious Gifts of Nature” and “Sprouts & Their Benefits”  have been included in this booklet to inspire the “health conscious individuals” to appreciate these natural resources to have good health and hence, enjoy life. A chapter has also been set aside to highlight the importance of “Alkaline Foods” This will enable the readers to recognize the “Plants and Herbs” that will eventually develop their healthy eating habits.


“Spices” have been used in preparing food day in and day out at homes and restaurants. But few people are aware of their “health Benefits” hence, an attempt has been made to present the useful health benefits of a few selected spices.  


As fillers some ‘health quotes” have been included to remind the reader of the importance of “sound health”. The inside pages of the front and back cover have the details of preparing a medicine for preventing “anemia” and a poor immune system”. Finally our intention is that every member of a family must become a “hale and healthy” citizen for building a healthy Nation. British Prime Minister and Novelist, Benjamin Disraeli had rightly said: “The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers, as a state, depend.”


Hence, we invoke the blessings of “Mother Earth” to be showered on all the citizens of this world, so that they experience success and happiness in their lives and contribute substantially for its growth. 


We also humbly advise the reader to consult a family doctor before following any of the guidance and health tips given in this article, in order to improve one’s health.

                           ENJOY GOOD HEALTH,ALWAYS!

                                    PEACE BE WITH YOU!


                                       HEALTH QUOTES

                            The first wealth is health. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.” – A.J. Reb Materi


He who has health,has hope.And he who has hope, has everything.- Arabin Proverb


Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.- Benjamin Franklin


Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.- Denis Waitley


Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.- Jim Rohn


Money is the most envied, but the last enjoyed. Health is the most enjoyed, but the last envied.- Charles Caleb Colton.  


                                 HEALING WITH MUDRA  – COMMON STEPS FOR DOING MUDRA


Sit comfortably on a chair or a yoga mat.


You can sit in any one of the following asanas:


1.Sukhasana  2.Vajrasana  3.Siddhasana.


Keep your head and the backbone ( spine ) stable, in the vertical direction.


Place the arms on the thighs in a comfortable position, orienting the palms such that they face the ceiling of the room or the sky, if you are sitting in the open ground or on the terrace of your house.


After forming a mudra, the fingers, which are not folded, must be kept straight and together as far as possible.



                          1.APANA VAYU MUDRA

BENEFITS OF DOING }  1. It strengthens the heart muscles.

2.It enables the removal of any blockages present in the arteries.


3.This mudra relieves angina pain immediately.


4.The effect of this mudra is magical in the case of a person who gets a heart attack. It works like a “Sorbitrate tablet” and serves as immediate first aid before the patient goes to the hospital.


5.”High blood pressure” or “Low blood pressure” can be normalized by doing this mudra.


6.Patients having palpitations or weak pulse can normalize the pulse rate immediately by doing this mudra regularly.


7.Individuals having difficulties in breathing while climbing the staircases or walking fast will feel much better and climb the stairs easily by doing this mudra for about 10 minutes before climbing stairs or while walking.

                                  2.KIDNEY MUDRA 

BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.It can be done to alleviate the disease called “Dropsy” and ‘Elephantiasis”.


2.Patients suffering from swelling in any part of the body like face, hands, and legs can be alleviated by doing this mudra regularly.


3.Chronic problems like excessive salivation, watery eyes, running nose, hyper acidity and diarrhoea (loose motion) can be set right by performing this mudra regularly.


4.”Pleurisy” another dreadful disease of the lungs can be alleviated by doing “Kidney Mudra”,regularly.


5.The discomfort of diabetic patients,having excessive urination, can be alleviated by practicing this mudra.


6.The problem of running nose can be alleviated by doing “Kidney Mudra”.


7.This mudra enables an individual to cure many diseases of the kidney.

                                3.APAAN MUDRA 

BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.It purifies and filters the whole body of the individual and eradicates “Toxins” from the body.


2.”Apaan Mudra” is very effective in easing the bouts of vomiting experienced by an individual.


3.Burning sensation of hand, heart, leg and urine can be easily reduced and even cured in due course of time.


4.Formation of “Apaan Mudra”, along with the “Prana Mudra”, heals various problems related to ears,nose,mouth,eyes and pancreas, thus improving their respective functions.


5.By doing “Apaan Mudra’ regularly, problems related to constipation can be effectively treated along with a balanced diet and sufficient intake of water.


                           4.PRANA MUDRA

BENEFITS OF DOING } 1. Through regular practice “Prana Mudra” increases vitality and reduces weakness in a person.


2.”Prana Mudra” is effective in treating eye diseases and it also improves vision.


3.Regular practice of “Prana Mudra” decreases the ailments like leg aches and pains, Cervical Spondylitis, Sciatica and headache.


4.People suffering from diabetes, paralysis, polio and parkinson’s disease can experience a good relief from these diseases, by doing “Prana Mudra”.


5.The immunity system can be strengthened by doing “Prana Mudra”.


6.Bone and cell reproduction is enhanced and the blood is also purified by doing “Prana Mudra”.

                          5.SURYA MUDRA

BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.It enables the reduction of excess body fat and gradually reduces the excess weight of the body.


2.Regular practice of ‘Surya Mudra” reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, easily.


3.All kinds of digestion troubles can be set right quickly by doing this mudra.


4.The thyroid gland is stimulated by the regular practice of “Surya Mudra”.


5.Loss of appetite and constipation can also be treated effectively by doing this mudra.

                              6.LING MUDRA  

BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.Regular practice of “Ling Mudra” stops the production of phlegm and strengthens the lungs.


2.By doing this mudra severe cold and bronchial infection can be alleviated.

3.”Shivering” and “chills” due to intolerance of cold weather (hypothermia) can be significantly reduced by doing this mudra.


4.Asthma and other respiratory ailments that occur at the change of weather can also be eased out by performing this mudra.


5.Along with a routine of balanced diet and exercises this mudra effectively helps to reduce weight of obese individuals.


NOTE: Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and mainly eat body cooling foods, such as yogurt,rice, bananas, and citrus fruits, while practicing this mudra.

                             7.GYAN MUDRA 

BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.Insomnia can be cured gradually and one can enjoy a sound sleep.


2.Students can enhance their concentration levels in their studies.


3.It enhances the clarity in thinking and processing of information by the brain.


4.There is an increase in the memory power (ability to recall the information that has been stored in the memory).


5.If an individual practises this mudra regularly,it will cure all psychological disorders like mental disorders,hysteria,anger,depression and “Suicidal Tendencies”.

                               8.VAYU MUDRA

BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.It helps to set right the “disorder of gas” (Flatulence) in the stomach and the G.I.tract.


2.It is useful for alleviating Cervical Spondylitis, Paralysis of the face and “catching of nerves in the neck”.


3.This mudra can provide very good relief from the pain caused by “sciatica”.


4.It alleviates diseases of old age such as Rheumatism,Arthritis,Gout,Parkinson’s disease and paralysis along with the use of suitable medicines.


5.It can be practiced regularly to ease the “knee pain” and “joint pain” in the hands and feet.




The great sage Patanjali had propounded the “Ashtanga Yoga” (eight-limbed yoga) for the benefit of mankind.


The constituents of this yoga are as follows:


  1. Yama (Five Abstentions)

  2. Niyama (Five Observances)

  3. Asana (Postures)

  4. Pranayama (Breath Control)

  5. Pratyahara (Withdrawal of sense organs)

  6. Dharana (Concentration of the mind)

  7. Dhyana (Meditation) and

  8. Samadhi (Union with God).                  


The first three stages of yoga fulfil the development of  i) physical fitness,  ii) intellectual excellence and  iii)emotional stability, these are called the stages of “External Yoga”.


The 5th, 6th,7th and 8th stages are considered to be the stages of “Internal Yoga”.


“Pranayama” , the 4th stage, is the most important of all stages because it links the “External Yoga” with the “Internal Yoga”.


An individual can achieve one’s goals only with the help of a healthy body and a clean, calm & clear mind. This is possible only with the practice of “Pranayama” Hence, it is very important for an enthusiastic person to understand the concept of “ Pranayama” thoroughly.


I derive immense pleasure in presenting this “Precious Knowledge” of “Pranayama” to you, step by step. So,sit back comfortably in your meditation room and relish the “Secrets of Pranayama” which were earlier taught to only the “Deserving Ascetic” by an “Accomplished Guru” in the remote regions of the “Himalayas”.


The process by which the “prana” is controlled by the regulation of breath is called “Pranayama” A person who knows the art of controlling his “prana” also realizes the art of controlling the universal pranic-energy. Hence, “Pranayama” is vital for one’s successful life.


Prana refers to the “bio-energy” or “vital energy” that flows through the subtle form of the body, which has been named as the “Etheric Body” of the “Vital Sheath of the body” also called the “Praanmaya Kosha”. Breathing refers to the periodic inhalation of fresh air through the “respiratory system” and exhalation of the “impure air from the lungs” With the help of systematic and rhythmic breathing one can easily perform the Pranayama successfully.      

                       TYPES OF PRANAYAMA

There are eleven different types of “Pranayama”, but in our presentations we have included only the five most important ones. They are as follows;


1.Bhastrika Pranayama 

2.Kapaala Bhati Pranayama

3.Anulom-Vilom Pranayama

4.Bhramari Pranayama

5.Pranav Pranayama


The remaining “pranayamas” are: “Ujjayi Pranayama” , “Udgeeth Pranayama” , “Shitali Pranayama” , “Sheetkari Pranayama” , “Suryabhedana Pranayama” and “Dirga Pranayama”.



1.The best time for doing the “Pranayama” is early in the morning before the  sunrise and in the evening at sunset.


2.”Pranayamas” must be done on an “empty stomach” after a refreshing bath in the morning:after the excretion of the stools from the colon (bowel movement) or five hours after a mid-day meal, in the evening.


3.The practice of ‘pranayama’ must be done in a ‘clean atmosphere’ where there is a flow of ‘fresh air’ and the surrounding area is clean and free from noise.


4.”Pranayamas” can be done by individuals of all ages from 3 years to 90 years.


5.One must wear loose comfortable and flexible cotton clothing while doing the “Pranayamas”


6.One can do the ‘Pranayamas’ by sitting comfortably in “Padmasana” or “Sukhasana” or “Siddhasana” or “Vajrasana” or even on a chair, ensuring that the back is always vertical.


7.One can sit on a ‘yoga mat’ or ‘thick blanket’ before one starts the ‘Pranayama’ preferably facing ‘North’ and then gently close one’s eyes.


8.While doing the ‘Pranayama’ one must breathe only through the ‘nose’ if one’s left ‘nostril’ is blocked, one must lie on the right side for a few minutes: and if one’s right nostril is blocked , one must lie on one’s left side. Then, one can inhale and exhale through the blocked nostril slowly, ‘without forcing the air into it’


9.Children can do the “Bhastrika Pranayama” and “Bhramari Pranayama” for 2 minutes every day: but they can do the “Kapaala Bhati Pranayama” and “Anulom-Vilom Pranayama” for 5 minutes.

10.While doing any “Pranayama” if an individual feels tired, one can take a short rest for a few minutes to stabilise the heart rate and then resume the practice.


11.Individuals suffering from ‘Hypertension’ and ‘Heart Ailments’ should do the ‘Pranayamas’ gently, without applying any force to the muscles of the abdomen.Those who have undergone ‘major surgeries’ can do the “Kapaala Bhati Pranayama” only after four to five months of recovery.


12.A person who has been treated surgically for a ‘heart disease’ by performing a ‘by-pass’ or ‘angioplasty’, can do the ‘Anulom-Vilom Pranayama” only after a ‘recovery period’ of one week.


13.After doing the ‘Pranayamas’ one can relax for 15 minutes and then have the ‘first meal’ in the morning,which must include ‘sprouted grains’, ‘porridge’ or ‘any easily digestible food’ prepared at home.


NOTE ; ‘Pranayama’ should not be performed unsupervised, if one has not received any previous ‘Yoga Training’. One can refer to ‘Yoga Books’ and DVDs to improve one’s yoga practice, but one’s initial steps of learning yoga should always be taken under the guidance of a “Yoga Guru”.


BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.It alleviates all ‘respiratory diseases’ like, cold, cough, asthma and snoring, by strengthening the lungs and normalizing their activity.     


2.It purifies the blood to a great extent as toxins and ‘harmful organisms’ are removed from the excretory system effectively.


3.It activates the brain to great extent ,by ensuring the flow of ‘oxygenated blood’ through the minute blood vessels of the brain.This will enhance its ‘intellectual abilities’.


4.It gives relief from acidity, gastric disorder, constipation and liver disorders.


5.It reduces the problems of the nervous system, like paralysis and migraine.


6.It relaxes the mind and brings in peace and success in one’s life.


                    2.KAPAALA BHATI PRANAYAMA

 BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.It cleanses ‘capillaries  of the remotest parts of the body’ in due course of time. 


2.It purifies the ‘frontal lobes of the brain’.


3.It cleanses the ‘nasal passages’ regularly.


4.Along with the intake of the prescribed medicines, it alleviates diseases like ‘Asthma’ , ‘Diabetes’ , and ‘Chronic Bronchitis’.

                        3.ANULOM-VILOM PRANAYAMA 

BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.It strengthens the ‘heart’ thus enabling proper functioning of the ‘circulatory system’


2.It alleviates the disorders of the digestive system.


3.Regular practice of this ‘Pranayama’ will ‘clean’ and ‘tone up’ the entire ‘nervous system’.


4.Students suffering from ‘cough’ and ‘cold’ will benefit a lot by doing this ‘Pranayama’ regularly.


5.It induces a feeling of ‘peace and tranquillity’.

                        4.BHRAMARI PRANAYAMA 

BENEFITS OF DOING } 1. Regular practice of this ‘Pranayama’ will improve the voice quality of an individual. Hence, it is strongly recommended for ‘singers’ and ‘speakers’.


2.By doing “Bhramari Pranayama” a ‘pregnant woman’ can prepare herself confidently for ‘labour’ and the eventual ‘birth of her child’.


3. This ‘Pranayama’ influences the mind to become peaceful, ensuring that the individual practicing it will become joyful in due course of time.

                        5.PRANAV PRANAYAMA 

BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.This ‘Pranayama’ gives ‘physical energy’ and ‘spiritual energy’ to an individual who practices it regularly.


2.Practice of “Pranav Pranayama” will reduce the ‘mental stress’ especially of the people working in I.T. companies.


3. It ensures the good health of a person who practices this ‘Pranayama’ every day:by keeping away all ‘physical disorders’.


4.A ‘sincere student must do this ‘Pranayama’ regularly to improve the ‘power of the mind’ while doing meditation. 


5.Students must do the “Pranav Pranayama” every day to ‘increase their concentration’ and hence enhance their ‘memory power’ especially while preparing for exams.

                                 HEALTH QUOTE 

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”

                                                                       Mahatma Gandhi.





Did you know that yoga originated in ancient India? Yes. The word ‘Yoga’ means “union” in Sanskrit. We can think of the “union” occurring between the mind, body and soul. Yoga is actually a science of self-culture and mental discipline that ensures the removal of the immoral aspects in man and brings forth what is most noble in him. Thus, it deals with exercises which lead to moral and mental growth of an individual. This generates good health and enables the aspirant  to experience happiness and peace.


In the ancient times,the yogic postures and the subsequent stages of yoga were handed down by a master only to the deserving candidates. Hence, this science remained limited to the regions of the forests or remote caves for a very long time. 


But, we strongly believe that Yoga Asanas must  be learnt by the citizens of modern times, not only as a physical discipline of keeping fit, but also as a means of enhancing the philosophical and spiritual aspects of an individual. We encourage every discerning citizen of planet earth to learn the following yoga asanas from a competent Yoga Teacher.







7.Surya Namaskara




BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.It alleviates stomach disorders like acidity, indigestion and constipation.


2.This asana is helpful for those suffering from gas problems, acidity, arthritis pain, heart problems and waist pain.


3.It alleviates back pain by strengthening the back, hip and thigh muscles.


4.It improves the function of the digestive system. 


5.This asana easily enables individuals to reduce their weight.



BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.Pavanamuktasana alleviates acidity, indigestion and constipation.


2.It is a very good asana to heal all the abdominal organs.


3.Regular practice of this asana is also helpful for those suffering from gas problems,arthritic pain and heart problems.


4.Regular practice of Pavanamuktasana ,especially alleviates gastrointestinal problems. 


5.Pavanamuktasana is very beneficial also for the reproductive organs and for those individuals who have ‘menstruation disorder’.



BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.Bhujangasana also cures acidity, indigestion and constipation.


2.This asana improves the functioning of the liver, kidney, pancreas and gallbladder.


3.It cures back pain, spondylitis and slip disc.


4.One can lose weight by doing Bhujangasana.


5.This asana is effective in healing the uterine disorders.


6.It is an effective asana for those suffering from respiratory disorders,such as asthma.



BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.Practice of this asana increases the quantity of insulin in the blood,hence,it is beneficial for curing diabetes.


2.This asana is also useful in healing ‘Cardio-Vascular Diseases’


3.By doing this asana, one can   reduce that fat that has accumulated in the thighs and the hips.


4.If done regularly, Mandukasana can improve the functioning of the digestive system and the excretory system of the body.


5.It alleviates the pain in the ankles, the knees and the back.



BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.This asana is very good for experiencing complete relaxation of the body and the mind.


2.Regular practice of this asana effectively controls high blood pressure.


3.Many breathing problems are also cured by doing Makarasana.


4.Problems related to sciatica, slip disc and cervical spondylitis can be gradually eliminated by doing this asana regularly.

5.It also alleviates the knee pain caused by Arthritis.


BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.It can be practiced for about 5 minutes every day after a meal to ensure good digestion of the food.


2.Regular practice of Vajrasana will control high blood pressure and  diabetes.


3.Leg pain due to Arthritis can be alleviated by doing this asana.


4.It cures urinary disorders.


5.By doing this asana one can reduce any back pain too.


6.It has been experienced by Yoga Gurus that the practice of Vajrasana for 5 to 7 minutes is equivalent to a long walk.


                              7.SURYA NAMASKARA. 

BENEFITS OF DOING } 1.It enables the strengthening of the abdominal muscles.


2.One can thoroughly ventilate the lungs and oxygenate the blood, while doing surya namaskara.


3.This asana detoxifies the body, by getting rid of an enormous quantity of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases during the cycle of completing the 12 poses.


4.It promotes sleep and calms anxiety.


5.Surya Namaskara also tones up the nervous system and improves one’s memory.


6.The activity of the endocrine glands-especially the “Thyroid gland” can be normalized effectively by doing this asana.


7.By doing this asana one can refresh the skin thoroughly, thus preventing skin disorders.


8.One can improve the flexibility of the muscles by doing this asana regularly.


BENEFITS OF DOING ] 1.Practice of this asana releases stress, fatigue, depression and tension in the body, by relaxing all the muscles.


2.It is an excellent asana for stimulating the blood circulation in the body.


3.Practice of this asana improves the concentration, especially of the students.

4.It is useful for curing insomnia.


5.This asana effectively calms the mind and improves the mental health of the individual.



1.Before beginning any Yogasana, ensure that you have the initial training from a” Yoga Teacher”.


2.Always take the advice of your “Family Doctor” before you start the practice of any Yogasana.


3.Ensure that your stomach is empty before doing the Yogasana.


4.It is strongly recommended by yoga gurus that one’s large intestine (bowel) must be free from stools before doing any asana.


It is advisable to wear the proper “Yoga Dress” and do the yogasanas on a ‘Yoga Mat’.


                         10 TIPS FOR A BETTER LIFE.

1.Go to bed early, sleep well and rise early.

2.Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes every day.

3.Do ‘Pranayamas’ (breathing exercises) regularly.

4.Take a 10-30 minutes walk early in the morning.

5.Dream more while you are awake.

6.Try to make at least 3 people smile every day.

7.Laugh joyfully and loudly.

8.Don’t compare yourself with ‘others’ , for you are “unique”.

9.What others think of you is none of your business.

10.Spend some time with people over the age of 60 and also with those below the age of 6.




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