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How to make friends with a child if they are not okay? Moms know!

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Friends are a very important relationship for everyone from children to adults. Friendship with children is also childish.

Friends play a huge role in life. Friendships are essential in difficult times, both as adults and as children. 

Parents should also be friendly with their children. Thus being able to hone their social skills. It is in the hands of parents to make children explore the world and grow up. At the same time you can now see what you can do if you do not like your child’s friend.


Child friendship is very important. Parents need to be aware of the child’s circle of friends as they care about their child’s development. 

You may not like anyone in your child’s circle of friends. They may not like the way they speak, the way they dress, the way they behave, or anything else. At this point you need to make your child understand about this. 

But there may be confusion as to how to explain this to the child. Because when you reprimand too much they can create a situation they don’t like. So let’s see how you approach your child.

Are you solid? 

Analyze why you do not like that friendship before you think of avoiding your child’s friend. 

Find out exactly what motivates you to break up with friends and why you hate them. Only then can you come to a solution. 

If this is about the different personality of your child and friend it is best to ignore it. Do not conclude that they are not good friends because they have different personalities. You should not interfere in their friendship unless it affects the child’s behavior or their education. Follow some tips to handle the situation if the matter is serious.

Do not think to break the friendship 

Do not tell your child not to meet or talk to their friend if they do not like the child’s friendship. This can cause problems for the baby. It is said that people are more attracted to forbidden things. 

So the same thing happens with your children. They have a chance to lose control completely and will not stop talking to that friend, instead they will lie to you. This can cause a rift between you and the baby.

Ask the child a question 

Talk to your child. Ask about things they share with friends. What they want. Ask them what they do when they are free and what they think of other things. 

Listen to this without you exploring your child’s circle of friends. This may help you to learn more about other children’s relationships. It is good that you are talking about their friendship through them because of how strong their friendship is and it can affect your child’s thinking process.

Point out the problem area 

Choose positive reinforcement instead of bad words or breaking their friendship. Talk to your child to help them distinguish between right and wrong. 

Choose words wisely. Do not be harsh or rude. Help them build healthy relationships with others.

Make clear understanding 

As children begin to move out of the house they meet many in the outside world. You can not be around them every time. But you can notice their action. 

So be clear about your understanding and discipline. Let them know what is good and what is not. Make them understand the consequences of breaking your word.

Help choose the best friend

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Help the child build positive relationships. Help choose the best friends.

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