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How to use Google Chrome browser symbols

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    How to use Google Chrome browser symbols


Whether it’s a mobile device or a desktop device, the browser is one of the inevitable apps that everyone needs to browse. Browser apps such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox look simple, but there are many symbols used as icons to save space. To use the app correctly, you need to understand the meaning of these browser symbols. This article describes 25 popular Google Chrome browser symbols that every user needs to understand what they mean.

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Google Chrome browser interface

Below is the interface of the Google Chrome browser on Mac and Windows. The interface contains some default symbols, and you can include additional symbols as you customize. The good part is that Chrome offers a similar interface on Mac and Windows. Therefore, if you know the meaning of the symbol, you can use the browser effectively.

Google Chrome browser symbol


The Chrome app has a lot of symbols and its appearance will change with updates. Here you will find a list of 25 popular symbols and icons. The symbols are from Chrome, but since both browsers use the same Chromium source code, you can find similar symbols in Edge with little or no change.

1. Home symbol

This is the home button that appears on the left side of the address bar. Click this home icon symbol to open the home page set in the Settings section. Remember that this home page is different from startups and new tab pages. You can set a custom URL as your homepage and use this home button for quick access. In Chrome, you can also enable or disable the home button from the settings page.

2. Update the symbol Update icon

This is a redo symbol used in many apps, but it has a different purpose and meaning in the browser. The refresh symbol indicated by the name is used to refresh or reload the currently displayed web page. You can reload the page using the “Control + R” keys on Windows and the “Command + R” keys on Mac. Alternatively, use the F5 key on Windows to refresh the page in Chrome.

3. Bookmark symbol bookmark symbol

The sky star on the far right of the address bar is the bookmark symbol. You can click this symbol to add the currently displayed web page to your bookmarks or browsing list. When you bookmark a page, the stars in the sky change to a filled star symbol, indicating that the page has already been bookmarked.

Note: In Microsoft Edge, the icon is displayed as a star in the sky with a + mark. You can click on it to add the page to your favorites.

4. Extension symbol Extension symbol

Chrome uses puzzle piece symbols to indicate extensions. This is a symbolic representation of an extension that fits your browser app. This symbol is outside the address bar on the right. Click on it to see all the extensions installed in your browser.

5. Three vertical dots vertical 3-dot symbol

These three vertical dot symbols appear in the upper right corner of your browser. Hover your cursor over it to see the text “Customize and control Google Chrome,” which you can click to open a list of app menu items. The Chrome app doesn’t have a top menu bar in Windows, so you can press Alt + F to expand menu items from these three vertical dot symbols.

6. + sign Chrome Plus symbol

The plus sign is the most common meaning for adding an item. This will appear next to the currently active one and will open a new tab page. Remember that new tab pages are different from startups and homepages, and you can customize the new tab page at your convenience. There is a plus sign inside the circle on the new tab page for adding new shortcuts.

7. X sign chrome cross sign-in

X is the general meaning of closing a session. In Chrome, it appears on each tab and clicks to close that tab.

8. Left and right arrows back sign and forward sign

The left and right arrow symbols in the browser are back and forth arrows, which are useful for moving back and forth in the browser. These arrow symbols freeze and become inaccessible when you start Chrome or open a new window. Once you start browsing the website, it becomes active and available for navigating. In addition to navigation, you can also hold down these arrow symbols to see the history before and after the site you visited.

9. Speaker symbol home speaker symbol

The speaker symbol that appears on the Chrome tab indicates that the tab is playing video and audio-related content. Click the speaker icon to mute the tab and the speaker icon will change with a crosshair.

Note: The microphone symbol in the search box is a voice input symbol commonly displayed where voice input is supported.

10. Profile icon Profile 

The user or profile symbol appears next to the three-dot symbols in the upper right corner of Chrome. You can change the appearance of your avatar on the chrome: // settings / manage profile settings page.

11. + or – lense Or-lens

You may see a lens symbol with a + or – in the address bar. This indicates that the browser window is zoomed in or out. You can click the symbol to zoom in or out or reset the view 100%.

12. Lens or search icon search engine symbol

A simple search or lens symbol indicates Chrome’s search engine. By default, Chrome uses Google as its search engine, and you can use the address bar to enter queries and get results directly from Google search.

13. Symbol of history symbol of history

This symbol indicates your browsing history in Chrome. You can go to the chrome: //history/page to see the details of all the web pages you have viewed before.

14. Accessibility symbols home accessibility symbol

A man spreading his arms with a common accessibility symbol that is also used in Chrome. You can customize Chrome’s accessibility features by visiting the chrome: //settings/accessibility page.

15. Shield symbol home privacy and security symbol

The Chrome shield symbol means an option related to “Privacy and Security”. Usually refers to security, but it means both privacy and security in Google Chrome.

16. Key symbol Key symbol

When you open the page in the login form, you will see a key symbol in the address bar. This indicates that the page has a password, and Chrome suggests using a key symbol to store the password. Similar to the bookmark star symbol, if Chrome stores the password for that web page, the key symbol will appear in bold.

17. Palette symbol Palette symbol

Chrome palette symbols indicate what your browser looks like. In the Chrome Appearance section, you can change customizations for colors, themes, fonts, and other settings.

18. Down arrow on the horizon download the symbol

This is the symbol used to display “downloads” in Google Chrome. Normally, it does not appear on interfaces other than the Chrome settings page. When you download a file, Chrome’s status bar displays a round progress bar that shows the status of the file’s download.

19. Padlock symbol home padlock symbol

Chrome will display a padlock symbol just before the website address. This shows that the website uses a secure HTTPS connection and can safely execute financial transactions. You can click the padlock symbol to view the cookies and permissions used on the site and go to Settings to change options.

20. Translation symbol Translate symbols in Chrome

If the page you’re viewing is your browser’s default language, Chrome will display a translation symbol in the address bar. The default browser language can be set on the chrome: //settings/languages page.

21. Square box with arrow Open in new tab

This symbol appears next to the Chrome hyperlink. This indicates that clicking the link will open the page in a new tab.

22. List symbol Reading list with unread items

The small rectangle with the list of items is the symbol of Google Chrome’s reading list. It’s in the bookmark bar on the far right. A red dot on this symbol indicates that there are unread items in the reading list.

23. Power symbol Startup page symbol

The power symbol is the symbol that appears to power on the CPU, monitor, and other devices. However, the same power symbol in Chrome points to the boot settings page.

24. Gear symbol Gear icon

Gears are the standard symbol for “settings”. When you open the settings page, you’ll see a gear icon in the Chrome tab.

25. Install the symbol Install the PWA app icon on Chrome

When you open a site that has Progressive Web Apps (PWA) compatibility, the installation symbol will appear in the Chrome address bar. For example, you can open a YouTube site and install it as an app from Chrome.


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