Improve your sleep quality and stay healthy! “Exercise to eliminate problems” that will help you sleep better

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Improve your sleep quality and stay healthy! “Exercise to eliminate problems”  that will help you sleep better 

It is said that one in five people suffer from insomnia, and insomnia can be said to be a national illness. If the quality of sleep is poor or you cannot get enough sleep, your work performance will deteriorate and your daytime life will be hindered. We asked a trainer to teach us how to get a good night’s sleep by falling asleep smoothly.


Invite you to sleep naturally without being aware that you have to sleep


I can’t get to sleep easily even if I go to bed, and I’m not tired the next morning even if I go to bed … If the quality of sleep is poor, my brain and body cannot rest sufficiently, and it also has an adverse effect on hormone secretion. Causes various troubles such as getting sick easily and lowering QOL (quality of life).


“If your body is stiff, you won’t get a relaxed and natural sleep. Let’s relax your body and mind at the same time with exercises that you can do while you are in bed, and fall asleep smoothly”


Here are two types of exercises to relieve insomnia.

“Pelvic opening” that leads the body to sleep mode

Here’s how to do it!



1. Lying down and aligning the soles of the feet Lying down on the

bed (futon) and aligning the soles of the left and right feet. You can lift your knees slightly from the bed. Both hands naturally beside the body. Relax your entire body in this position.


The more the back of the leg is pulled toward the hip joint, the wider the pelvis opens and the greater the relaxing effect. Try it as long as it doesn’t hurt.

“Weakness exercise” that uses recoil

Put all your strength into your limbs Lying on the bed (futon) and throwing out both hands and legs. Keep your hands and toes tight for 5 seconds.


2. Relax with both hands and legs at the same time. Repeat 1 and 2 as many times as you like.


The stronger you put in, the more relaxing the reaction will be.

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