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Is it possible to sexually abuse children without touching them? How to protect and recover,

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It can be hard to believe that most girls are not really happy. But that is the truth. In this article we will look in detail at what causes it, how to approach them, how to rescue them, and what the role of parents is.

We celebrate Children’s Day on November 14 every year. Most children are not really happy even though it is a day celebrated for their happiness. 

How many people know that children have rights too. Can we say for sure that our children are safe and happy?

Most children face various forms of abuse by their own family and some acquaintances. Affected children often do not share with anyone because they do not have a reliable person to share their difficult situations with.

Affected female children 

How parents should behave with regard to the safety of girl children. Let’s look at what needs to be done to recover the victimized girl child. 

One statistic shows that one in every 2 children is sexually abused. Most of these abusers are known to children. Boys and girls are equally vulnerable, but most boys do not express their abuse.

What is child sexual abuse? 

Child sexual abuse refers to any act of using a child for the sexual gratification of a very powerful person.  

Bad act that violates the child’s body and confidence. It is the worst condition that involves touching and even not touching. 

People can understand the abuse associated with touch, but many abuses take place against children without being touched.

For example, showing pornographic videos and pictures, exposing the child to sexual activity, talking to the child about sexual activity, and viewing the child’s personal body parts. It also happens online. 

Sexual abuse affects children for a long time physically, emotionally and socially. Children may experience emotional conflicts such as shame, guilt, sadness and anger. It can cause them fear, shock and confusion. 

It is our responsibility as parents, teachers and caregivers to protect our children and teach them the skills to be safe from sexual abuse.

How can you support the safety of your child? 

You need to spend more time with your child. Observe the child’s daily activities. Especially their friends (both sexes). What you know about them and their family is extra security. There is nothing wrong with that. 

Discuss what happened every day as a friend and go into their world and understand them. Respect your child’s feelings and ask about it. Teach your child about personal safety. Tell them about safe and unprotected touch. 

Sometimes our children are sexually abused unexpectedly. We need to help our children in that situation. Then let’s see how to help them.

Why children do not report? 

Step 1: Most children do not report abuse. But parents and caregivers can identify based on the child’s behavioral changes. Talk to them if you notice any sudden changes in their behavior. Tell them you are supportive. 

Step 2: Help the child talk about abuse. It is important to first understand why they do not talk about sexual abuse when the child is unable to cope with the situation and give full support when the child seeks help from you.

Who face sexual abuse. 

Only children with timid temperaments are victims of this abuse. For them, the idea that what happened was self-inflicted is strong. Thus guilt will come to the fore more. They will not tell anyone. 

Even if the parents want to rescue them, they have to get used to leaving on their own. To make them realize their ignorance. We need to make it clear to other children that if this condition continues it will continue to affect other children. They need to create the mentality that they should give them courage as much as possible. It is possible to change them gradually though not immediately. 

Even now parents are not fully united with their children. Children are not allowed to speak, especially in rural areas. In fact, children can be rescued by their parents without counsel. But many parents are not fully involved in trusting their children and listening to them. By doing these children will be completely at peace under the guidance of their parents.

How parents should behave towards the child 

Things to do 

Listen quietly 

Trust the child  

Answer the child’s question honestly 

Respect the child’s privacy, 

Support them by saying: “This is not your fault”, “I am with you”. 

Do’s and Don’ts 

Do not blame the child. Those under 18 are children. Not their fault. 

Do not panic or exaggerate 

Do not force the child to speak. Give time 

Do not question too much or too aggressively. The kids would say nothing. Thus there is a possibility of making the wrong decision. 

Do not let the child tell the story over and over again. 

Do not confront the offender in the presence of the child 

Do not ask the child to forget or adjust

Because children are not supported in this situation, most of them do not ask for any help. Most parents worry about social stigma. Does not feel the child’s mood. Thus the offender repeats his behavior, thus forgetting that many more children may fall victim.

Some personal safety rules for girls 

Teach them from an early age not to allow anyone to touch, see or talk about your genitals. 

If someone tries to break the rule, say no (Say NO) and follow the exit firmly. 

Advise children to tell a trusted adult if they have any psychological trauma. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence.

Some children may try to break these rules in the name of play and romance but never allow this to happen. 

Children should not always keep secrets in their lives. It is safer for parents to be friends with their children than to share them with a trusted friend or relative.

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