Is it time to transfer your Wix site to WordPress? The method is as follows

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Is it time to transfer your Wix site to WordPress? The method is as follows 
Are you dragging the speed of your Wix website? Do you feel that the Wix platform is too restrictive for a growing business? Need a more flexible website platform?
You are probably planning to upgrade to WordPress now. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to use WordPress? Not only do you power the vast majority of sites today, but you are free to use a large number of plugins, themes, and versatile tools.
But what do you need to do with all the content on your Wix site? The best way is to transfer everything to the new WordPress platform. If you don’t know-how, we’ll cover it.  
Here are some quick guides to help you transfer your site from Wix to WordPress. 

1. Protect your domain name and WordPress host  

Get your domain name before transferring from Wix to WordPress. Purchase a domain name or switch to a domain name purchased from Wix.
You also need to sign up for a WordPress web hosting account.
According to a 2021 survey by Clutch. co, 64% of small businesses have a website. This does not mean that these small businesses need to choose a hosting provider. Wix hosts your website for you.  
When you have a web hosting account, you are building a home for your website. All data and files are stored on that host. As you can see, we don’t share storage space with all other Wix-hosted websites. 

2. Setting up and customizing your new WordPress site

The next step is to install and set up WordPress. Some hosting sites will automatically install WordPress after signing up. Please set a WordPress permalink before transferring Wix to WordPress.  
You can change the permalink structure in the permalink settings. It’s in Settings on your WordPress dashboard. Remember to save your changes before proceeding.
The next part of this step is to customize your new website. WordPress has free themes that you can change in the future. Install a selected WordPress theme such as Divi and start working on design improvements.
You can use another website as an inspiration. Model another website or create your own. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you stick to a simple theme.   

3. RSS migration from Wix to WordPress

In this step, you’ll use RSS feeds to convert Wix to WordPress. Please note that this transfer only works for older Wix blogs. If you have a new Wix blog, you’ll need an automated Wix to WordPress migration tool.
Before we can move on, we need to find the Wix RSS feed. Add “/feed.xml” to the end of the URL. You know that your Wix site has RSS feeds this way.
Save the page in an open RSS feed. Your browser may save the file as a .txt file. If so, change the file extension to .xml. 
Go to WordPress and go to Tools> Import. Run the RSS importer and upload the downloaded RSS file.
Go to All Posts and see if all the posts have been imported. If you encounter formatting issues, you may need to reformat. The image is still hosted on Wix, so download it to your computer and then re-upload the image.
As some of you may have noticed, the pages on your site haven’t been forwarded yet. You need to manually transfer the page. There is no automatic transfer of Wix pages yet, so please be patient.  
Go to the Wix page and copy all the content. In the Add New menu, create a new page and paste everything there. To publish, click the publish button.
Re-upload the image from your computer as above. Alternatively, you can install the plugin to import the images.
Repeat this process on other pages. 

4. Create a primary navigation menu

Wix domain transfer is not yet complete. You still need to do some cleanup. One way to clean up your site is to create a WordPress menu.
Go to Appearance> Menu. Create a menu by selecting a page and adding it to the menu. Save the menu when you’re done. 
Go to Manage Locations and place a menu on your site. Depending on the theme you choose, you can display the menu as a “main menu” or “header menu” at the top of your site.
WordPress powers more than 25% of the world’s websites. One of the reasons for this is accessibility. Use it as you have the power to make it easier to navigate your WordPress site.  

5. Redirect your old Wix site to WordPress

Now you want your old site to take you to the new site. If you built your Wix site on a subdomain, you will not be able to apply this redirect feature either. If you used the redirection feature with the CMS2CMS plugin, you can skip this. 
The CMS2CMS plugin is an automatic transfer plugin for migrating your site from Wix to WordPress. It also serves to redirect the old Wix URL to the new WordPress URL. 
You can announce your new URL to your readers via social media or a new blog post. 

6. Protect SEO

The new website is almost ready. It’s new, but will it rank higher than the old one? What makes WordPress great is the SEO plugin.
Get the recommended SEO plugins for your site. Make sure to create a sitemap file and pass it to search engines such as Google and Bing. Double-check the robots.txt file. 
Now you’re ready to double-check your onsite SEO and find areas that need immediate attention. 

7. Give the site a final run

The final step is to make sure everything is normal. Preview all pages and posts to double-check your new site. This way, you’ll catch link errors and formatting issues before publishing your new site. 
All existing media and content should still be there. You need to make sure that all features work. If the site is available on your mobile device, please visit your site to check the mobile format.
Please be patient and thorough. This is the most important step. And don’t worry. It is the end. 

Convert Wix Sites to WordPress Now

If you need it instead of step 3, you need to install the CMS2CMS plugin. As mentioned above, it is an automatic site forwarding tool. It’s a premium plugin, but it’s easy to migrate.
This is a quick guide on how to transfer your site from Wix to WordPress. I hope it is useful and useful. Now you’re ready to move your Wix site to your WordPress platform.
Do you need anything to manage the web content of your business? If you’re looking for another content management system like WordPress, check out our list of top 10 CMS platforms. These are the best commercial platforms for small businesses.

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