Let’s take care of your tired body. Relaxing technique that can be done at home

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Let’s take care of your tired body. Relaxing technique that can be done at home:

I want to be in a good mood even if I’m busy every day so much that I can’t afford it. For that purpose, it is important to consciously make time to take a rest. Introducing mind- and body-friendly care items that create high-quality relaxing times.

Are you in a good mood?

It’s surprising that I’m so busy caring about my surroundings that I’m just messing around with myself. However, in order to spend time with a rich heart, discovering small changes every day and being impressed, it is essential to have a margin in one’s heart. Why don’t you try to keep yourself in a good mood even in your busy life?

Add a scoop of “fun” to your daily habits

It is important to have a “clearance time” to take a rest in order to create a margin in your mind. However, even though I am busy with housework and work, it is difficult to make new time to take a break. In such a case, add elements of healing and fun to your daily routine and change the habits that you have taken for granted until now to take a break. In particular, bath time is one of the routines that can be transformed into a relaxing time where you can rest your mind with a little ingenuity.

With a full-fledged aroma scent, make your daily bath a salon time

For example, why not take in a bath essence that allows you to enjoy the scent of aroma oils that are formulated to relax your body and soul. The bath essence of “para spa”, which has a good reputation for moisturizing power and good fragrance, is a bath agent that uses natural vegetable oil as a base and contains organic botanical ingredients that lead to moist and smooth skin. .. When you hang it in the bathtub, the pleasant aroma scent wraps around the bathroom, creating a luxurious space that feels like a salon treatment.

4 kinds of scents that you can choose according to your state of mind

There are four types of scents: “Geranium & Iran Iran”, “Rosemary & Orange”, “Eucalyptus & Patchouli”, and “Cypress & Cedarwood”. Each item is made according to the theme such as “Relax” and “Detox”, and you can choose and use the scent that suits your feelings. For example, if you want to calm down and take a rest, try “Geranium & Ylang Ylang” from “Relax”. On the other hand, if you want to refresh and change your mind, it is recommended to use multiple types according to the condition, such as using “Rosemary & Orange” of “Detox” to boost your mood.

In a space filled with scent, prepare your mind and body

You can relax enough just by warming your body slowly while being wrapped in the scent of aroma, but if you add a massage to relax your body, you can spend a better bath time.

Oil ☓ With the power of scent, your skin will be moisturized to your fingertips

“Para spa” is a brand originally created by a company that developed a new type of gel nail “Paragel” that does not require the need to sharpen nails. In addition to the bath essence introduced this time, a wide range of hand and body care items such as hand oil, body milk, and hand cream are available.


All of the “para spa” products, which have been committed to producing products that are less burdensome to the nails and body, are attractive because they have high moisturizing and penetrating power and can approach aging care *. It is made according to the policy of “filling the heart with the power of plants”, and contains various plant extracts and essential oils centered on high-quality jojoba oil.

Comfortable usability unique to salon exclusive products

All “para spa” products are exclusively for salons. One of the attractions is the high penetrating power that is assimilated with the skin, which is unique to items used by professionals. Items such as oils and creams are never sticky and blend smoothly into the skin. Thanks to the smooth texture, you will not feel any friction or strain even if you rub the skin during care, and after finishing it will make your skin feel as if it was originally moisturized. Many people may be addicted to the high quality of the salon’s exclusive products once they are used.

The scent of essential oils that softens your mind

The scent of the item is made with natural aroma oils. The essential oil, which is formulated to balance the mind and body, has a natural scent that floats slightly rather than a strong fragrance, so that you can relax your mind just by smelling it. It has a scent to work on the five senses and create a more relaxed state.

Time to fill your heart

An item of “para spa” where you can spend time to fill your mind and body. By incorporating it into your daily life, it may give you a chance to take a break even in your busy daily life. It is also recommended to give it to your dear friend or make it a self-gift to heal yourself. Adding a pleasant aroma to your habits may help you to spend your days in a good mood.

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