Lose weight: top 15 sports that burn the most calories and make you lose weight quickly!

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Lose weight: top 15 sports that burn the most calories and make you lose weight quickly!



Excellent for the heart, boxing also promotes muscle and bone building. Ideal for letting off steam, it can allow you to eliminate nearly 700 calories in an hour.


You have rebalanced your diet, but the effects on your body are less impressive than expected. Didn’t you miss something? In addition to eating a healthy diet, participating in physical activity is a good way to lose weight. And there are some sports that help you lose fat faster than others.


After a period of excess, getting rid of those little extra pounds has become our number one wish. And if faced with a disastrous year 2020 we have decided not to make a list of resolutions for 2021, as to ward off bad luck, getting back to sport can nevertheless be a small challenge to start the year.


Dispose of champagne , the toast of foie gras and chocolate ingested by ten is easier than you thought. Certain sports make us lose a maximum of fat in a minimum of time and it is without hesitation towards those that we will go!


Losing weight: these perfect sports for losing fat and weight fast

While great for losing fat quickly , these sports will require minimal patience and effort ; the miracle activity that will sculpt a beautiful body without moving a finger has unfortunately not yet been discovered …


There are nevertheless sports activities that promote weight loss more than others. For the choice of your sporting activity, it is essential to favor a sport which brings you pleasure and is not a constraint, otherwise, beware of abandonment.


If we suspected that certain sports such as cycling or running were our allies for slimming, we would never have bet on rollerblading which, in addition to working the lower body a lot, will help you improve your balance; watch out for falls for beginners!


It is also an opportunity to test new very dynamic activities such as boxing or squash. To lose weight without feeling it too much and by motivating yourself between girls, team sports can be a solution found for the most recalcitrant.


An endurance sport carried out at a moderate intensity or in intervals is what will help you lose calories the fastest. And since it’s the intensity that activates the metabolism, if you’re not out of breath, you can go even harder!



This dynamic sport works the legs and buttocks as well as the upper body. This particularly fun activity consumes between 450 and 550 calories per hour.


Very intense sports activity, it allows, in addition to being beneficial for endurance, to work on your reflexes. One hour of squash and that’s 600 calories soaring.


In the great outdoors, the advantage of running is that it does not require any equipment except a good pair of sneakers. Count between about 500 and 1000 calories per hour depending on the intensity.

Jumping rope

Far from the playground, it is with intensity that you will have to practice this sport to see notable effects. Excellent for losing weight, eliminating cellulite but also working on coordination, one session can burn no less than 700 calories.

Team sports

Ideal for the less athletic, team sports help to motivate themselves.

For example and depending on the intensity of the match, basketball can make you eliminate more than 400 calories.

The bike

If it mainly works the lower body, the bike is a very good ally for the abdominals. From single to double depending on the difficulty of your course, you will spend between 400 and more than 900 calories per hour.

The rower (and fitness in general)

The rower reproduces perfectly the movements of the rowing; landscapes less obviously …

Complete sport par excellence, it works almost all the muscles of the body and ensures a very intensive cardio session that can make you burn up to 800 calories.


Swimming is an everyone’s sport that uses water resistance to burn more calories than we realize. The joints are not likely to be too stressed because they do not undergo body weight. A one hour dipping session is a minimum of 400 calories burnt.

The step

By going up, down and moving around walking almost without interruption at a moderate intensity, for an hour, you will lose 600 to 800 kcal.

The exercise bike

You will burn more than 650 kcal per hour, thanks to the work in alternation of active phases and phases of recovery, all over very short times. The glutes, thighs and abdominal strap are very engaged with the pedaling motion.

Swedish gym

You will lose more than 500 kcal per hour on average by doing your own, this sport which combines the classic gestures of gymnastics and physiotherapy exercises.


Thanks to the suspension straps that allow you to perform bodyweight exercises only, you will constantly gain weight. The result is a loss of 550 kcal / hour!


Climbing relies heavily on the muscles of the upper limbs. By supporting your weight with your arms, you will burn nearly 750 kcal per hour.



abdominals, glutes, thighs, calves … zumba tones the whole body. One hour of zumba = 500 kcal!


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