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Marriage; Unconditional Love, Faith and Responsibility

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It is said that marriage is made in heaven and is celebrated everywhere with prayers and pop Getting married means starting a new phase of your life two people are mature grown up and are ready to embark on their journey married phase is a larger and greater part of anyone’s life you have to prepare emotionally for the most crucial phase of life and that is marriage well to select the right partner to get married at a particular age to get married or not to get married all these are crucial questions which every young girl is facing you should know that a person with whom you are getting married. 

he is proud of you he is capable but he knows the capacity of a woman a husband should feel happy should feel proud for a woman who is so capable who is so outstanding who is doing everything so well husband should see the value of a woman who is doing her job very well and not feel jealous very often it happens that woman does quite a lot better than man and the man feels depressed man feels bad that how he is not given importance but here the husband should know that a strong woman with him is a very big asset we have to select a right partner we have to see that we take a good amount of time in selecting partner so now I would advise you check these four points thoroughly. 

well, these four aspects have to be clear The first point a man should be ambitious and confident in making a living man should have confidence in his wife and man should see that both together can make living beautiful Your partner should have confidence in you and the relationship if a man’s ego is so fragile that he cannot handle you having a career ambition opinions or money then he is not worth it do not go into a marriage thinking that a marriage is a project you have married a grown-up man who cannot change his basic thinking. 

so rather than ruin their marriage young girls should spend time explaining in discussing their likes dislikes opinions your expectations in marriage to both prospective grooms

Your parent’s second point partner should be health conscious You should know health is wealth What is he doing to remain healthy Check if it is walking, or running Is he doing

some asanas is he doing some exercises is he very much careful about what he’s eating? 

when he’s eating and how he’s eating all these are the factors to remain healthy Third point Does your partner have some hobbies Hobbies are so much required to see that emotions are channelized otherwise those pancreatic emotions can create a lot of problems in married life and if both husband and wife have the same hobby that would be beautiful life would be beautiful in case if both have different hobbies then see to it that you respect each other’s hobbies each other’s time rather learn each other’s hobbies also nicely. 

you will enjoy that and see that you give space and time to each other Fourth point Does your partner have any faith in himself in higher reality and his wife That faith is so important that when you have faith ups and downs of your life don’t disturb you anymore you have that confidence you have that patience that everything would be fine that feeling that since we are together everything is going to go on very well. 

that has to happen look for the mindset values and beliefs of the person so now I have told you these four points which you should see when you want to select a partner now there are certain things that you should always keep in mind when you think about marriage now you should understand one thing that you should never succumb to undergo a marriage and here see that you don’t have any social pressure.

 pressure from your parents that here now you are old so now get married all this will not work you should wait for the right partner try and see that you are never doing any such act of marriage under any pressure when I ask people what is the purpose of their marriage they say well love we love somebody we want to get loved then they say that,

we want some companionship even in our old age so these are the purposes people think about but these purposes are not the purposes at all for that you are not getting married.

Remember marriage is not a destination that you have to reach anyhow it is a journey that two like-minded people have to experience together rather than being at a finish line,

It is a happy milestone that tells you how far you can go Marriage is not an inescapable prison you should know that you can adjust with each other and try to see that you become flexible yet, 

if you find that you cannot there is a limit to everything then you should know that to make others feel happy instead of that first you have to feel happy yourself if you are happy,

yourself then only you will be successful in making all other things happy Now understand that what is a good marriage is a foundation of your growth from all sides Marriage strengthens you you are getting someone who is standing with you in all thick and thin of your life it empowers you it increases energy strength and the capacity of yours to manifold marriage. 

will help you to reach your aspiration it will bring lots of peace happiness and harmony in your life understand very well the basis of your marriage should be friendship mutual respect and total trust when all these things happen in your life then love will flow very naturally life would be nothing else but beautiful well all these are the foundation of relationship when these things are together love flows naturally and life is blissful.

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