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Relationship- form a connection, not an attachment

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Relationships bring the best of human emotions out. Love, joy, care, and happiness. Relationships 

are the perfect measuring platforms to once a patience level of acceptance, selflessness, and endurance. As beautiful a relationship can be and as much as all of us may want to belong, today’s woman is an equal partner in a relationship a lot of the time she is the first among equals.  

While a lot of cherries welcome a strong part in a a lot of time Women are still burdened by the expectations from their partner as well as from their relatives. Remember an unhappy relationship is a gateway to a world full of pain.  

So now I would give you 4 tips to develop a healthy relationship. First, love yourself, understand yourself, understand the capacity of yourself, understand the type of body you have, what type of mind you have, understand your nature, and your habits, first know yourself and learn to love yourself.  

Learn to be alone with yourself only and truly if you love yourself, then only you will be able to care for others. Society always glorifies women who put others before themselves. I give you one incident. A man was sick and he became sick so the doctor told him that he should be hospitalized. So he was hospitalized and his mother was with him all the time 24 hours attending to him slowly Slowly the patient started getting better and better one fine day after 10 days he got discharged. 

He came home, but the next day mother was admitted. Why should this happen?  


Mother just forgot that she should also take care of herself. She should also eat on time along with patients and should also get up and walk a bit here and there. She should also sleep. All the time sitting with a strong attachment is going to create problems. 


about your duty and awareness that you also have a responsibility to yourself is so important that we forget to serve others. We forget that I am also required to be taken care of and this body should be fit enough to do the service for others. Point number 2, To make others happy is not your job to understand. Usually, ladies, want everybody around to be happy.  

They do something. It is expected that others should show that they are happy that she has cooked something and others should praise others when they don’t

praise when they don’t show joy she is unhappy, understand. Happiness is not dependent on other’s approval. People are always going to live in that state of mind.  

And this is the major key to being energetic and enthusiastic and that’s how you would live your life successfully.  

In Yoga, they say that maintain your balance all the time amongst the ups and downs of life. The third point is an attitude of acceptance, no two humans are the same every human has a unique personality. To have a healthy relationship, you should understand the nature of your partner, to accept that inherent nature is the key to success.  

Every human has an inherent nature. You have to understand that inherent nature and try to learn to live with that. In a relationship, a wife has to accept her husband as he is but the husband also has to accept the wife as she is as a woman is accepting and contributing in a situation Similarly partner should accept and see that you also contribute. 

If he wants you to be a certain kind that this does not love this is just an idea of relationship and love it is not right. Point number four is effective communication. Understand that there is no scope for ego here. It is love, care, compassion, and respect. Here communication should be open. Certain things you don’t like voice it, certain things you feel very happy about saying it. Communicate all the plus and minus things very well,  

Communication could be verbal, written would be messaging but communication has to be done. Always remember communication has two ends, one is actively trying to express whatever you can, and are voicing, second a very effective listening, Listening is so important otherwise communication would not be right. You listen patiently, you listen carefully, you listen to understand, listen in a silent situation, do not be judgemental, and start giving free advice.  

Well, let me conclude now, that relationships are the defining factor of our happiness. Healthier relationships, happier lives. But at the same time, relationships are not the only source of your happiness which should be in a relationship not because society expects us to grow, but we should be in the relationship because it helps us to spiritually elevate in our life. 

Relationships are like a joint partnership, both partners should work together to keep the interested in each other in mind and progress. Form a connection, not an attachment, stay committed, and focus on growing together, be supportive in a relationship. 

So it is not a war to be won but a life to be lived.

Thank You.

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