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The three Little Pigs

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The three Little Pigs


Once upon a time, there were three little pigs who lived outdoors near the forest. They were often restless because an evil and dangerous wolf used to pass by, threatening to eat them.

 One day they agreed that the wisest thing to do was for each of them to build a house to be more protected.

 The smallest pig, who was very lazy, decided that his house would be made of straw. For a few hours he spent a few hours stacking dry straws and in no time, he built his new home. Satisfied, he went to play.

– I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf anymore! – He told his brothers.

The medium-sized pig was a bit more determined than the little one, but he didn’t really want to work either. He thought that a wooden house would be enough to be safe, so he went deep into the forest and hauled as many logs as he could to build the walls and roof. In a couple of days he had finished it and very happy, he went to chat with other animals.

 – That’s great! I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf either – he commented to all those he was meeting.

 The eldest of the brothers, on the other hand, was sensible and had very good ideas. He wanted to make a comfortable but above all indestructible house, so he went to the city, bought bricks and cement, and began to build his new home. Day after day, the little pig strove to make the best house possible.

 His brothers did not understand why he was taking so much trouble.

 – Look at our brother! – said the little pig to the middle one – He spends the day working instead of coming to play with us.

 – Well yes, what nonsense! I don’t know what he works so hard for, being able to do it in a jiffy… Our houses have turned out great and are as valid as yours.

 The older pig listened to them.

 – Well, when the wolf comes we will see who has been the most responsible and clever of the three – he said as a warning.

 It took several weeks and was exhausting work, but the effort was definitely worth it. When the brick house was finished, the eldest of the brothers was proud and sat watching it over a refreshing lemonade.                                                                               

 – How well my house has been! Not a hurricane will be able to with it.

 Each piglet went to live in its own home. Everything seemed calm until one morning, the youngest who was playing in a mud puddle, saw the fearsome wolf appear from the bushes. The poor pig started running and took refuge in his brand-new straw house. He closed the door and breathed in relief. But from within he heard the wolf cry out:

 – I’ll blow and blow and the house will knock down!

 And just as he said it, he began to blow and the straw house collapsed. The terrified pig ran out to his middle brother’s house and they both took refuge there. But the wolf appeared after a few seconds and screamed:

 – I’ll blow and blow and the house will knock down!

It blew so hard that the wooden structure began to move and eventually all the logs that made up the house fell and began to roll down the slope. The desperate brothers fled at high speed and knocked on the door of their older brother, who opened them and ushered them in, locking the door.

 – Easy, guys, you’ll be fine here. The wolf will not be able to destroy my house.


The fearsome wolf arrived and no matter how much he blew, he could not move a single brick from the walls. It was a very resistant house! Even so, he did not give up and looked for a hole through which he could enter.

 At the back of the house was a hundred-year-old tree. The wolf climbed up it and with one leap, he planted himself on the roof and from there he jumped up to the chimney. He slid down it to enter the house but fell into a huge pot of broth that was being heated over the fire. The burn was so great that it let out a heartrending howl and shot back onto the roof. His ass reddened, he fled never to return.

 – Do you see what happened? – The elder pig scolded his brothers – You have narrowly saved yourselves from falling into the claws of the wolf! That happens to you as lazy and unconscious. You have to think things over before doing them. First there is the obligation and then the fun. I hope you have learned your lesson.

 And of course they did! From that day on they became more responsible, they built a brick and concrete house like that of their wise older brother and lived happily ever after.

 Tale of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf

Although the first published and illustrated versions of the tale of The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf date back to 1840, this popular story is thought to have been passed down from generation to generation for a long time, so the original author and author are unknown. origin of history.

 Analyzing the morals and the situations that occur in history, we can guess that its creation surely takes place in rural areas of the Middle Ages, since it shares common points with other popular stories of the time. The story of the three little pigs has evolved  over time in different versions until it reached the adaptation that was carried out in the 19th century with contemporary elements such as the fireplace, the cauldron or the brick house, a version that has survived to this day.

 A remarkable fact about this story is that despite its antiquity, it uses a very frequent writing technique in modern stories, the one known as the “rule of three”. This principle suggests that any story that includes three situations, and three characters will be more effective and will reach the reader better, being easier to remember and transmit the combination of three characters that provide greater rhythm and simplicity to the plot.

 This principle is based on the sentence of the Latin “Omne trium perfectum”  that comes to say something like -everything that is three by three is perfect- and is a theory that was later applied in other great works of literature, such as for example “The Three Musketeers” by Alexander Dumas, and also to other aspects such as the rule of thirds in photography or the techniques used in advertising that are based on this rule of three.


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