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The ugly Duckling

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    The ugly Duckling

It was a lovely summer morning at the pond. All the animals that lived there were happy under the warm sun, especially one leg that, from one moment to the next, was waiting for its ducklings to come into the world.

 – It’s a wonderful day! – thought the leg as it rested on the eggs to give them heat – It would be ideal for my children to be born today. I am looking forward to seeing them because they will surely be the most beautiful in the world.


And it seems that her wishes were fulfilled, because in the middle of the afternoon, when the whole field was quiet, there was some creaking noise that woke up the future mother.

Yes, the time had come! The shells began to break and very slowly, the little heads of the chicks were poking out one by one.

 – But how precious you are, my children! – exclaimed the proud mother – That’s how cute I had imagined you.

 There was only one chick left to come out. It is seen that it was not so skillful and it was difficult to break the shell with its small beak. In the end he too managed to stretch his neck and poke his huge head out of the shell.

 – Mommy mommy! – Said the strange chick in a squeaky voice.

  When the leg saw him, it was shocking! It was not a chubby yellow duck like the others, but a big, fat, black duck that looked nothing like its brothers.

 Mommy?… You can’t be my son! Where did such an ugly thing come from? – He rebuked – Get out of here, impostor!

 And the poor duckling, with his head bowed, moved away from the pond while in the background he heard the laughter of his brothers, making fun of him.

 For days, the ugly duckling wandered around without knowing where to go. All the animals he encountered rejected him and no one wanted to be his friend.

 One day he came to a farm and came across a woman who was sweeping the barn. The duckling thought that he could find shelter there, even for a while.

 “Madam,” he said in a tremulous voice, “Would it be possible to stay here for a few days?” I need food and a roof to live under.

 The woman glanced at him and accepted, so for a while, the little duck didn’t lack for anything. Truth be told, he always had plenty of food at his disposal. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until one day, he heard the woman say to her husband:



– Have you seen how that duck got fat? It’s already big and shiny enough. I think it’s time we ate it!

 The duckling was so scared that he ran, through the wooden fence, and away from the farm. For fifteen days and nights he wandered the countryside and ate what little he could find. He no longer knew what to do or where to go. Nobody loved him and he was very unhappy.

 But one day his luck changed! He came by chance to a crystal clear lagoon and there, gliding on the surface, he saw a family of beautiful swans. Some were white, others black, but all slim and stately. I have never seen such beautiful animals. A little embarrassed, he raised his voice and said:

 – Hello there! Can I take a dip in your lagoon? I’ve been walking for days and I need to freshen up a bit.

  -Yes of course! You are welcome here, you are one of us! – Said one who seemed to be the oldest.

 – One of yours? I do not understand…

 – Yes, one of us. Don’t you know your own appearance? Get down and look at yourself in the water. Today it is so clean that it looks like a mirror.

 And so did the duckling. He leaned over the shore and… He couldn’t believe it! What he saw blew him away. It was no longer a fat, flat duck, but in recent days it had been transformed into a beautiful black swan with a long neck and beautiful plumage.

 His heart leapt for joy! I have never experienced such a magical moment. He realized that he had never been an ugly duckling, but that he had been born a swan and now he looked in all his splendor.

 – Join us – his new friends invited him – From now on, we will take care of you and you will be one of our clan.

 And happy, very happy, the duck that was a swan, got into the lagoon and shared the ride with those who really loved him.


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