Weight loss: Can you build lean muscles without protein shakes and supplements?

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Weight loss: Can you build lean muscles without protein shakes and supplements?

Weight loss: Can you build lean muscles without protein shakes and supplements?
Lean muscles are an essential when you are buffing up your body or want to get more out of your weight loss plan. We see actors and influencers flaunting off their muscles, and assume that protein powders and supplements are the ONLY way to go about it, right? Well, as beneficial and helpful protein powders are, what we often forget is that protein isn’t only extracted through supplementation, and even with the health benefits, there are some possible side-effects which some may experience. There’s also the problem with their formulation, and some who may want to steer clear of any kind of supplemental use.
While we often tend to ignore muscles with our everyday lifestyle, when it comes to weight loss, muscle mass plays a very important role. Having healthy levels of muscle mass are actually crucial to sustain vital health as well as maintain weight loss in the long run. Most people, without focussing on muscle power end up losing muscle mass along with the fat. On the contrary, having good, defined muscle mass is crucial to support your vital strength, energy levels, mobility and plays a good role in promoting good metabolism.
However, the key to creating good lean muscle mass depends on these factors- the kind of workout you do, your protein intake, and your requirements from a regime, with protein playing the most helpful role.
How much protein do you need in a day?
Now, to build muscles, it’s highly important that you are fueling the body in the right way so as to promote fat burning and create lean muscle mass. For that, it’s needed that you include protein ideal for your weight and age. On an average, it is believed that every individual consume 1.6- 2.2 gram of protein per body weight kilo. In easier terms, suppose if your weight is 70 kilos, you would ideally require anywhere between 112 gm to 160 gm of protein in a day. This magic number is what you need to build muscles with your exercise and of course, the proteins you take in.

So is it necessary to use protein powders?

Nowhere is it scientifically specified that protein powders are the absolute best way to build muscles, and neither is it anyway true. While it’s a preferred means of building muscles and supporting one’s workout, there are ample protein-rich foods available for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians to fill up on their protein requirement.
The very reason protein powders are preferred or relied on is because of the nutritional profile, and the quantity of protein available in them. While food sources may contain relatively less protein and amino acids, protein powders can have higher, and richer proteins, which can fulfill requirements relatively easy. More so, if you are a beginner at workouts, protein powders can be more beneficial than moderating your diet alone. However, that isn’t completely necessary and can be easily done without.
How to take in proteins without supplements or powders, then?

There’s no qualms about the protein being fulfilled easily through a variety of non-supplemental , all natural protein sources. However, the emphasis rather lies in the kind of quality proteins you take in, and how often you include in your diet. While there are a good number of protein-rich foods available for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians, the main hiccup could arise when you quantify the protein requirement from your average diet. With Indians being more deficient in proteins and other good nutrients, chances are, if you are consuming a simple, Indian fare, you may end up consuming very less protein, which may even be less than 100 grams of protein.


More so, if you want adequate protein intake while engaging in any moderate to intense form of workout, what’ll you’ll have to do is to include more protein- both quantity and quality wise, and be more mindful about your food choices.


So what should you do?

Another preferable option to not compromise on your diet, as well as the protein intake is to get the best out of both, i.e modify your diet in a certain way so that you can use both protein powders and protein-rich foods when necessary. Of course, there are also a number of plant-based protein powders now available in the market, which can help you meet requirements. Make sure you get in all proteins needed as per your lifestyle, and use them up well, by complimenting them well with a good engaging workout.

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