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You don’t have to be super smart to succeed online – here’s why

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The child who did well in school is probably the most successful person in the class, right? Actually no. Good grades and a high IQ can be helpful, but they not only don’t guarantee success, they sometimes hinder it. After all, life isn’t school. And the skills needed to get good grades don’t always transfer to running a successful online business. I know people who struggled in high school and never got to college and have 6 or 7-figure online incomes. 

How do they do it? Having the following characteristics…  

They have the will to succeed. How you define success will determine exactly what it means to you. For you, success can mean making the most money possible, advancing a cause you care about, or doing a hundred other things. Either way, you just need to achieve that success that you can feel deep inside. You must concentrate entirely on this goal so that your mind is constantly working to find the means to achieve it. 

They are good at networking. Even online, or perhaps especially online, it’s important that you build relationships with your fellow entrepreneurs, marketers, and customers. And even if you’re not a born networker, don’t worry. Networking, like any other skill, can be learned. Work on building up a large network of people you can turn to for advice, help, etc., and always focus on what you can do for them.  

They stay focused. Imagine driving your car and deciding to go in 5 different directions at the same time. How far are you going to travel? Or imagine you’re chasing 5 different rabbits at once. How many will you catch? Business is no different. Decide what you’re going to do and do it, rather than being seduced by the idea of ​​the current fashion business.  

They are tenacious. You’re not going to build a super profitable business overnight. And if you look at others thinking they succeeded in an instant, know that in reality their success probably took years. Remember that nothing worth doing comes easy and perseverance is the key to success.  

They stand on their own two feet. I’ve seen people buy a course on how to do something online, like build a website or get more traffic. They then bombard the author with a hundred different questions rather than finding a solution on their own. Did they ever succeed? I doubt. Being a digital marketer – or any other kind of entrepreneur – comes with a certain amount of autonomy. Don’t wait for others to hold your hand.  

They work first, then they work hard, and then they profit. Sometimes much later. You know, those stories of working 2 hours a day while enjoying the beach half the time… That’s for later. When you are successful and can hire someone to oversee things for you. And it’s not even certain that this is the case. Because even if you succeed in making a splash in online marketing, you may find that you are still working hard. But, either way, in the beginning, you’ll be working long hours to get your business up and running. And yes, work comes before fun if you want to succeed. If you want to profit first, you might as well give up the idea of ​​being an independent contractor and keep your job. 

Learn to outsource. You can’t do everything on your own, even if you work long hours. So yes, you need to outsource. The first thing to outsource is anything you’re not good at, whether it’s website building, product building, or whatever. Because, if you’re not good at something, it makes more sense to hire an expert than to spend weeks trying to master it on your own. Then, as you earn more and more, you can also outsource more and more.  

To be an online marketer, you don’t have to be the next Einstein. Your grades in school don’t matter. What matters is what you do here and now. Adopt the seven tips above and you’re already halfway to building an online business that can take care of you for the rest of your life.

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