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18 Poetry Sites that Offer Opportunities to Get Paid:

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 18 Poetry Sites that Offer Opportunities to Get Paid:


Poetry has long been an outlet for creative expression, allowing individuals to capture emotions, relay experiences, and convey complex ideas through the power of words. However, many talented poets often struggle to find avenues to monetize their craft. 


Fortunately, in today’s digital age, numerous online platforms provide opportunities for poets to get paid for their creative work. This essay presents poetry sites that offer payment for poets, giving aspiring writers a chance to earn recognition and financial compensation for their talent and dedication.


1. Poetry Foundation:


As the leading publisher of contemporary poetry, the Poetry Foundation pays poets for their contributions to their magazine, Poetry. They also offer generous prizes through their annual Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg poetry competitions.


2. Rattle:


A respected literary magazine, Rattle offers a fee of $100 per poem accepted for publication. In addition to monetary compensation, writers gain exposure to a wide audience, helping them establish a name in the poetry community.


3. The Sun Magazine:


Known for its thought-provoking articles and literary works, The Sun Magazine pays $100 to $250 for poetry, depending on the length and quality of the submitted piece. With a readership of over 70,000, published poets receive considerable exposure.


4. Narrative Magazine:


Focusing on high-quality storytelling, Narrative Magazine pays $50 per poem submitted, along with various other prizes for exceptional work. They also publish poetry that encourages thoughtful reflection and discussion.


5. Copper Nickel:


This biannual literary journal offers a payment of $30 per accepted poem. They accept a wide range of poetry styles and themes, including those that center on marginalized voices and underrepresented communities.


6. Threepenny Review:


Though highly selective, Threepenny Review pays $200 per poem, making it a desirable platform for serious poets. The journal is known for publishing innovative and powerful works that challenge traditional narratives.


7. Black Warrior Review:


Publishing emerging and established poets, Black Warrior Review pays $50 per poem accepted for publication. This platform values unique perspectives, experimentation, and the celebration of diversity in poetic expression.


8. AGNI:


AGNI, a long-standing literary journal, pays $20 per published page of poetry. By fostering a vibrant literary dialogue between different cultures and styles, they provide a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment for poets.


9. Poetry Northwest:


Poetry Northwest pays $50 per published poem, showcasing a diverse range of voices that reflect the creative richness of the Pacific Northwest. Their publication has supported established and emerging poets for over 60 years.


10. Beloit Poetry Journal:


Recognized for its commitment to publishing fresh and original voices, Beloit Poetry Journal offers $20 per accepted poem. Alongside monetary compensation, poets also receive an annual subscription, encouraging continued engagement.


11. Submittable:


Submittable is a popular platform where poets can find numerous paid submission opportunities. This site connects writers with literary journals, magazines, and publishers seeking fresh poetic voices. Poets can submit their work to different calls for submissions and earn compensation for their accepted poems.


12.Arc Poetry Magazine:


Arc Poetry Magazine offers payment for submissions, making it an appealing platform for poets seeking financial compensation for their work. By submitting their poetry to Arc Poetry, poets have the chance to be featured in a prestigious literary magazine and be adequately compensated for their artistry.


13.The American Poetry Review (APR):


APR is a leading poetry magazine that accepts submissions for both poetry and book reviews. Poets published in APR receive payment for their contributions, making it an excellent platform for aspiring poets to showcase their talent and also get rewarded monetarily.


14.Copper Canyon Press:


Copper Canyon Press is not only an esteemed independent publisher but also offers poets the opportunity to earn through its manuscript contest. By submitting a manuscript and winning the contest, poets not only receive recognition and potential publication but also a generous cash prize.


15.Poets & Writers:


Poets & Writers is an exceptional resource for writers and poets alike. Aside from providing valuable advice and information, they also feature contests and grants that offer monetary compensation for winning entries. Poets can explore these opportunities and get paid for their exceptional work.


16.Literary Magazines:


Several literary magazines accept poetry submissions and offer payment to published poets. Examples include The Paris Review, The New Yorker, and Ploughshares. These well-established publications provide a platform for poets to have their work showcased alongside other notable writers, helping them build a reputation while earning compensation.




While not strictly a poetry platform, Patreon allows poets to monetize their work by connecting directly with their audience. Poets can offer exclusive poems, behind-the-scenes content, or personalized services in exchange for recurring payments from their dedicated supporters.




Medium is an online publishing platform that allows poets to share their work and potentially earn money through their Partner Program. Poets can write and publish their poetry on Medium, and if their work receives enough engagement, they can become eligible for earnings.


The digital landscape has opened up countless opportunities for poets to not only share their work but also get paid for it. The ten platforms mentioned in this essay represent various paths to monetize poetry, ranging from submitting to prestigious literary magazines to embracing crowd-support platforms. These avenues offer poets a chance to nurture their passion while earning the recognition and financial reward they deserve.

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