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25000 rupees($321) per kilo of finger lemon?

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There is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in this world. Many of us do not know about many vegetables and fruits. The reason is that many vegetables and fruits do not grow in our town. Many people do not know about vegetables and fruits grown in foreign countries. Because we never see these vegetables and fruits in the markets here.

People who are very interested in plants on the web will know about these fruits and vegetables. Most of us don’t know otherwise. Let’s take a look at one such strange vegetable. We have heard about lemons. Let’s see. Let’s make juice and drink it.

The lemon we can use is round in shape. But have you seen lemons that can be elongated? It is called finger lemon. In English it is called Pinker Lime. It probably got its name from being as long as a finger. It is also known as Citrus australasica and caviar lime.

It is also known as Australian Pinker. This is because this lemon tree is native to Australia. It is a small thorny shrub-like tree native to lowland subtropical rainforests and rainforests in Queensland, New South Wales and coastal Australia. This tree is similar to the lemon tree in our town.

This tree can grow from 6 feet to 23 feet in height. Finger lemons available from this tree are available in various colors including young red, green. Almost lemon-like in taste, this finger lemon is said to fetch a high price due to its rarity. This plant is sold at around 600 rupees.

It is said that this finger lemon is being sold for up to twenty five thousand rupees which is 300 dollars per kilo. But there is no such information on the internet. It is said to sell for an average of 200 dollars per kilo. Thirty seeds of this finger lemon are sold online for more than 600 rupees.

Considering that, the seeds of this finger lemon can be sold for more than 25 thousand per kg. Usually this finger lemon is added to the food in star hotels. That is why its price is said to be very high. They are used in dishes like seafood, sushi, and pasta to give a sour and citrus flavor.

Native to Australia, this fruit is cultivated in countries like America and now in India. People who are more interested in plants are buying and growing this finger lemon in India. It is a citrus fruit belonging to the genus Citrus australisica. It is believed to have evolved over millions of years in the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea.

Finger lemons are usually 2 to 3 inches long. Each weighs between 10 and 15 grams. Finger lemons are shaped like small cucumbers and are usually dark green with purple or black color. Also light green or brownish red in color. 100 grams of finger lemon contains 88 percent water, 30 calories, 11 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, and less protein and fat. It contains 29 mg of vitamin C.

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