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5 activities prior to Writing Your Non-fiction book

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So, you have been hit with the muse to begin writing a book, and you’re equipped to hit the keyboard strolling.

that is normally in which i might say “go do it” and cheer you on as you begin writing your first sentences. however, if you could take a touch bit of time to drag collectively some more studies before you jump into the writing, you may be putting your e book up for success before you actually have the first words written.

each time I sit down with a brand new customer to begin making plans their strategy, these are the are five areas in particular that we talk and studies before we begin outlining their e book.

1. market studies

market studies entails mastering more approximately the marketplace in that you need to release your book. Publishers will want to understand several things as they take into account whether or not or no longer to take for your book, such as how a good deal demand there is on your ebook.

whether or not there are already books published within your industry or region of know-how is a sturdy indicator of ways lots call for there’s.

Even if you plan on self-publishing, understanding what the market looks like proper now will help you parent out how your ebook suits into it. this may help you define your ebook positioning statement, with a purpose to be an essential piece of your advertising strategy shifting forward.

And in the end, understanding the marketplace will set the baseline for the rest of the studies you want to do before writing your book.

2. audience research

As a enterprise owner, you probably recognize your target market quite properly. however one region I see plenty of entrepreneurs get hung up on while beginning their book is choosing out their ideal reader. the ideal reader for your book — the individual that wishes your book the most — might not be the identical character as your best patron. They is probably the person your perfect client changed into earlier than they were prepared to emerge as your patron, or they is probably someone new entirely, depending on your e book’s subject matter and strategy.

understanding who your best reader is will assist you get into their heads. you may want this level of knowledge to are expecting other regions of your e book, along with what wishes readers are in search of to clear up, in which they may look for those solutions and the way they are maximum probable to just accept those answers from you.

3. subject matter research

you have probably already got a popular idea of the general subject matter for your e-book, but breaking that down into greater unique subjects can occasionally be a bit elaborate. Many first-time authors warfare to interrupt down their subjects into particular areas. Then, as they start operating their manner through the list, they sincerely emerge as with too many subject matter thoughts.

topic research could be a blend of the subjects you need to cowl and the topics your target market is expecting to find out. begin with the subjects already burning on your thoughts. My favorite technique to do this is with an  mind unload. Set a timer, grasp a pen and start writing each concept that comes into your head. The extra ideas you write down, the greater ideas will come to you. don’t think about whether or not or now not they are good ideas or horrific thoughts, just get them all out.

once your mind sell off is carried out, you can pass into the market and begin searching at what the target audience expects to study. One clean manner to do this is to test out the table of contents of a number of the books available on the market. you could also check out FAQ pages and top suggestions pages and listicles for subject matter ideas, all of a good way to give you an idea of a number of the questions the target market has. you may already have a number of these subjects on your list out of your brain unload, however if you come across any thoughts that leap out at you, cross beforehand and add those to your list.

What you should have proper now could be a long, disorganized, jumbled list of subjects. ideal.

to organize this list, take hold of a brand new sheet of paper and create  columns, one for “sure” and the opposite for “maybe/now not yet.” Then begin going thru your topic thoughts and shifting them into this type of two columns. some thing that will truly upload cost and answer the want your ideal reader has for this ebook goes into the “sure” column, and everything else will cross into the “maybe/no longer but” column.

when you’ve finished, you’ve got a whole list of subject matter ideas that you recognize are essential to your target market and your book (and the beginnings of your bankruptcy define.)

4. key-word research

keyword research involves figuring out the words that human beings might be the usage of to locate your ebook later when they go to a search engine searching out an answer. They aren’t always going to include the title or the content of the e book, but instead the focus or query the readers need answering.

This a part of the procedure is often brushed off as being a part of advertising and marketing research, but i like to consist of it as a separate piece of studies to be completed before the book is written to assist serve as a focal point. The clients who’ve done their keyword studies before writing their books have had lots greater fulfillment with their advertising as soon as their books had been finished. additionally, key-word research enables hold the writer on task and on factor, ensuring that they cowl the regions their readers are seeking out and the usage of the language their readers are the usage of.

5. content studies

content research is the studies maximum authors think of after they reflect onconsideration on getting to know their books. This research includes the facts, information and information they need to pull collectively even as writing their e-book. This includes the supplemental articles, statistics and charts the author may want to use to bolster their story.

Technically speaking, you may do content studies at any time, and you’ll probably be doing as a minimum a few content studies for the duration of the complete process. however, the customers who’ve finished their content research previous to writing tend to have a miles simpler time via the writing method. they’re able to write longer and pause less often to check or verify any of these little information.

Time to place it into motion

Now which you understand the five key areas of research you need to finish for writing your e book, set apart a while and begin operating through the entirety. you might have to get rid of writing your e-book and make investments a few hours — perhaps even more than one days — to get all of it finished. but doing so will make sure you positioned out a miles higher and notion-out ebook with a purpose to reach your best target audience and, in the long run, assist you attain your goals.

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