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5billionSales- Affiliate Marketing

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  1.  Sir or Madom


This is a UK based Browsing Platform Company.


 Currently the company has successfully conducted trials in the US and Russia  Now it has expanded its business to countries like Germany, New Zealand  India and expands to all  countries.



 This is what 5billionSales says


 It is a browsing platform like chrome, opera, uc browser, which is used as our mobile app.


 You’ll all be looking at facebook, youtube, instagram, whatsup, google, and other things like chrome, uc, opera, normal browser and see, share, do, like, comment and post.


 Do we still have any income after doing all this?


 Isn’t it?


 But when we search for such things as facebook, whatsup, instagram, youtube in the browser of 5billionSales, we get revenue.




 All you need to do is spend a minimum of 5 minutes every day.


 We have Self Income $ 400

 (30000 Rs)

 Gets in the year.


 If we bring someone directly through our link we get $100 from someone

 (7500 Rs).

 It is obtained in the year. Sometimes there is a small chance to make it in a month ..


 Then comes Level Income.


 When we bring in a minimum of 2 people and those 2 people we bring in each of them brings in the next 2 people we get $ 5 (375 Rs) from each person.

 And will get.

 It can be withdrawn weekly or monthly.


 Level income up to Total 16 level.


In 5billionsales


Things you must do?


Check if the Secret Code is set.



City, Address, Post Code / Zip Code, mobile number, Full name,

Check that the e-mail iD and personal details are all given correctly.


We will receive a verification code from the mobile number and email id when withdrawing the payment. Therefore, personal details should be given accurately.



My Active Level 1


 Inactive & Active


 We need to check how many people on our team are active and how many are active.


We need to find those people who are interactive and let them be active.


How do we find those who are inactive?


 Click on the FAQ’s option on our website. There is an option called Downline [Can I Have My Downline’s Contact Details?] There is an option and click on it.


Go to


DOWNLINE and select MY LEVEL 1 EMAIL ADDRESSES which is here: Click here


 Click on the option that appears again. Then you can see the people on your Downline.




To become the Company Launch

 There are only a few days left. With these few days, everyone can create a good team.

This is because the company pays the same level of income for the launch.


The company will remove those who do not bring anyone directly and those who do not bring anyone directly on the same day of the company launch time.



Beware of those who create fake accounts. Such fake accounts will be removed by the company before the launch time.


Link to register 👇


 Video on how to register



 Plan Vedio







 Password & User name & Email Change Vedio



 Account Full Checking Vedio 👇





 Inactive To Active Vedio



 Things to look out for




 Telegram Link:

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