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8 Simple Techniques for Managing Anger

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What Exactly Is Anger?


Anger is a fallacy that makes your brain stop working and makes you furious for a while.

                                      Ananthi Ramesh,


Yes!!!! Anger is a myth because it’s not you, you are a very good person basically, but this myth makes you another person

and it is showing another worst dimension to the people around you

if you believe anger does not serve anything good to your life, you will not get angry anymore in your life


In simple words

  Be Aware and Response

when you are in awareness, you know what is going around you, and you will accept the situation, and you never get angry for anything


And anger will age you quickly, so please do not be angry.

Anger begins with stress, and once we understand how to manage stress, we can quickly recover from it.



As we all know these days, even a child’s life is stressful, therefore make some new adjustments in your life, such as walking, playing, singing, and making crafts.

Finally, reduce the amount of time you spend in front of a screen, whether it’s a television, a laptop, or anything else; Spend time with friends, family, pets, or the natural world.

Let’s get started with the blog.


Simple And Easy Ways to Stay Away from Anger


1) Expect the unexpected

Please Don’t Expect anything from anyone, whether it’s your parents, friends, lover, wife or husband, kids, or co-workers. Do what you know and be yourself. Even in love, give your love to your loved one, don’t expect it back. If you don’t get it back, divert your passion.


Give it a shot.


Sleeping well

 Getting not enough sleep might cause irritability for no   apparent reason.

Reduce your screen time and sleep early,

 Atleast 6 to 7 hours per day,

To see some positive changes in your life.

Give it a shot.



Sex Life

Sex Education is a requirement these days,

And having an unhealthy sex life will undoubtedly affect your everyday tasks, whereas having a healthy sex life offers good energy to your life energy indicates an upbeat lifestyle. Having a healthy sex life will reduce your stress and anger and make you healthier.


From OSHO Words 


“When you make sex to a person, woman or man, you think it unites you. For a moment it gives you the illusion of unity and then a vast division suddenly comes in. That’s why, after every sex act, a frustration, a depression sets in. One feels that one is so far away from the beloved. Sex divides, and when love goes deeper and deeper and unites more and more, there is no need for sex. Your inner energies can meet without sex, and you live in such a unity.”


                                   Source: Osho, Yoga: 

                                                  The Mystery Beyond Mind,                





Many people now constantly work on their laptops and do not leave their houses, which causes everyone to be frustrated and furious over minor issues. Take a break from your screen for a while and visit your near places occupied by nature or pet shops not to buy only to see or beach it will create a major different


Try it


Differentiate yourself.

Modify your normal life. For example, if your employment hours are 9 to 6, take a break and cook or go for a stroll; in this way, you can change your routine life for a while.

Make a habit of doing what you enjoy.

Money is vital, but our happiness and self-love are equally important factors in making us happy.


Use perfumes

Yes, you can use perfumes. A pleasant scent might improve your mood.

Try using mild, gentle fragments scents to get a relaxing sense.




You can use the mindfulness approach, which is a zen method and a basic method.


Always be in awareness whatever you do live in the present moment, like eating, walking, dancing, everything be awareness


“I promise myself that I will enjoy every minute of the day that is given me to live.”
 Thich Nhat Hanh


It’s a harsh term, but strive to love everyone and everything. It’s easy to love everyone and everything when we’re in a good mood, but it’s more challenging to be nice or love when we’re in a poor attitude, but practice makes perfect.


Here I have discussed eight simple methods of controlling anger, which I’m practicing, and it is a proven method of controlling anger.


If you have any queries, please commend me below.


Have a lovely day friends


meet you all in my other blog

    Thank you



  Ananthi Ramesh




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