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Blog: Best to read this blog outside today!

Looking back at the last couple of weeks you can clearly see a cool weather pattern.

However, we started warming up recently, and we will be warming up a lot more over the next few days.

The weather will be awesome outside today! We are going to have some mild and dry weather all day with lots of sunshine. A second cool front is sinking to the south with high pressure just to the north.

We’ll have high temps in the mid-upper 70’s with a few spots near 80 in some inland locations.

There no doubt that it will be some great outdoor weather.

Dew points are near 50. This is very dry, and it is very temporary. By tonight the front will lift back north as a warm front. We’ll have increasing clouds with a few overnight showers.

A few of these showers will stretch into tomorrow morning, but then we’ll have quieter weather for a while. We’ll be partly cloudy with a stronger west/southwest breeze tomorrow. High temps will climb to the upper 80s.

The humidity will slowly also climb through the day. However, it will be downright hot and humid as we go into the weekend.

High temps will be in the 90’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The heat index could reach the mid 90’s on a couple of the days. I don’t see much rain over the weekend. So it might be some prime beach weather.

A brief update on the tropic.

The GFS model has not shown that tropical system forming over the last couple of runs. For the least few days it kept showing some type of tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico in the 10-14 day range. Let’s hope it doesn’t put it back in.


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