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Can you believe Any organism live on mars?

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There are more researchers going on NASA and the other space agencies now-(“How to live the humans and other organisms on mars”). The scientist team entered into the first step that means they found a microbe (bacterium) should live on mars environment.

There are lot of microbes should exists on earth, but the scientist team chose a best microbe called the “Canon”. It is the toughest microbe on Earth due to its two capacities 1. It’s capable to survive various radiation levels 2. This microbe have a capacity to live in a critical situation while other organisms should die.   

The scientist teams tested a half dozen of canon microbe and these teams passed a temperature about -63 degree celsius to this microbe and subjected to various radiation levels like ultraviolet rays, gamma rays and high energy protons. As a result of this radiation passed in these microbes, a lot amount of  Manganese antioxidants accumulated in the cells of microbe. As a result of exposed magnese antioxidants should resist these various radiation levels upto 28,000 times. The researchers team found that these microbe should survive in a frozen and dried out stage if buried 33 feet below the surface of mars upto 280 million years, but these microbe buried 4 inch below the subsurface of mars or on the surface of mars these lifetime reduced upto 1.5  million years.

Previous experiments conducted on the same microbe in liquid water and same kind of various radiation levels passed, as a result of these experiment the microbe lifetime should be 1.2 million years.

Why these microbe resist various radiations-lets see below 

The researcher teams found that the chromosomes and plasmids carried a genetic information in the cells of microbe and linked together to keep these shape aligned. These prevents the irradiated cells to break down.

Further lots of this mission information will come in the future.

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