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Do you know 5 side effects of internet which make children mentally and physically weak?

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1. Internet addiction is the biggest danger

Internet Addiction i.e. Internet Addiction is not less than a drug addiction in any way. Just as a person loses his mental balance due to an addiction, in the same way due to excessive use of the Internet, a person remains unconscious of the events happening around him. He remains busy in his own world, which directly affects his mental state, as well as relationships in personal life also begin to weaken.

Often we see children playing games or using social websites with their eyes fixed on the phone for hours, and if the phone is taken away from such children for some time, then anger and irritability can be seen in them. Can be considered a sign of mental change.

2. Internet is the main cause of depression in students and teenager

Recently, a study conducted by researchers on the excessive use of internet has revealed that people who use internet excessively are at the highest risk of depression. This situation has been found to be very dangerous especially in students and teenagers. The problem of restlessness has also been seen in such people. Experts said that the victims of internet addiction become so mentally distracted that they have to face more difficulties in dealing with their daily tasks, which makes them unable to successfully deal with any task that causes their restlessness or discomfort. The reason is created and from here the danger of depression starts to arise.

3. Internet addiction makes you a victim of insomnia Insomnia

 insomnia disease which is often found in those people who are either victims of some serious anxiety or people who do not get suitable time to rest. But today the Internet, which is considered to be the most powerful global system, is spreading the disease of insomnia among people. Due to internet addiction, children or adults all like to use the free time they get during the night for internet browsing so that they can sleep only for a short time. Chatting with friends till late night every day and being busy in social media sites like Facebook-Twitter will make you get into such a habit that even if you want to sleep, you will not be able to sleep and from here ‘Insomnia’ will start.

4. Internet addiction prevents mental development as well as physical development

We all know that along with school education, other sports activities are equally important in student life. Complete education means the mental and physical development of the student. That’s why children are given a break once or twice during school and a sports period is also kept in which children can relax their body and muscles by playing sports. But internet addiction seems to have distanced the children from the meaning of sports. In the past, where children used to go out in their free time and play various games with friends, today children are glued to their computers or smart phones. This has a very bad effect on their physical development.

5. Internet addiction makes students to misuse time

If we talk about the negative effects of internet, then the wastage of time can be considered as the most important factor in it. It is obvious that if you spend most of your time using the internet, then you do not have enough time left to do other important tasks of the day. There is probably no need to explain here what would be its effect on the studies of the students. Where the real purpose of the internet was to provide proper and better material to the students for studies, on the other hand due to its proper use, the ability and inability of the students is spreading.


Of course, every student will be aware of all the negative effects related to internet addiction in this article, but still our purpose of repeating these things was only one and that is to show the right direction to the wandering steps of our teenagers, so that the future of our country itself. May you achieve great success in your academic career by keeping away from any kind of evil and become a successful citizen in future.

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