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Earn money for opening and reading emails

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Wouldn’t it be great to earn money reading free emails? No, it’s not a dream, there are real sites that pay to open and read emails!

While it is possible to earn money from reading paid emails, it is IMPOSSIBLE to earn much doing it. You will earn some extra money and that’s it! But the good news is that it is easy and fast. I mean it’s not something that requires a lot of effort.

As expected, there are some sites to read emails for money that are scams. I’ll teach you how to avoid them too. Let us begin!


What are promotional emails?

They are those emails with advertising that you usually receive in your SPAM or junk mail box. Most of the time they are ignored because they are just trying to sell you something.

The big difference with the sites known as PTR (Paid to Read), is that if you are going to earn money by reading advertising emails .

But… Why do they pay to open and read emails?

Basically, paid emails are a way for brands to advertise through PTR pages .

The operation is simple, the PTR or paid email site sends an email offering a reward for doing something with the brand, such as visiting their website, registering or asking for some information.

You’ll get paid just for reading the email, even if you don’t click or do anything.

Simply put, advertisers pay you to read emails because they want more exposure for their products and brand recognition .

How much money can I earn reading emails?

I’ll be honest and tell you that reading emails from these sites will not make you much money.

The best paid advertising emails will ask you to complete an additional action such as completing a registration in exchange for €0.10 and €0.30, while those that only require opening and reading the email will give you between €0.001 and €0.005.

Since most websites only send a few emails per day at most, you definitely won’t get rich using this method of making extra money.

You read emails for free every day, right? Sometimes several times a day! Why not read these emails for a few minutes a day and earn some money?

Anything is better than nothing, especially when it only takes a few minutes to read your paid emails.

How to avoid scams on PTR sites:

Scams, unfortunately, abound in this area. You may even come across websites that are willing to pay you money to read personal emails.

What do they ask in return? Your email account and password to “get access” to your emails to help your advertisers understand your interests.

Most of these sites are scams that just want to get your email password, lock it down and use it to send unauthorized emails from your account.

Knowing these, here are some valuable tips:

  • Never give out your email password ; reliable sites will never ask for it.
  • Do some quick research online to find out more about a site before signing up.
  • Read the Terms of Service of the site to know its structure and payment date.
  • Check out this list! The following PTR sites are 100% reliable and pay without inconvenience.

Best pages that pay to read emails

This is a list of the best websites where you can earn money reading emails for free and from anywhere in the world .

All you need is a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection to get started. Let’s see what they have to offer us!

This site belongs to the Spanish company Cybernet Soluciones, which has been operating since 2012 as one of the leaders in the email marketing sector.


  • Rewards : Up to 5 points for reading the emails (opening and clicking on any link in the email).
  • Referrals : 2 levels. You earn 50% commission from your direct referrals and 25% from indirect referrals.
  • Minimum payment : €5 for Spain and €10 for other countries.
  • Payment methods : Payza, Skrill and bank transfer. You can only withdraw once a month.
  • Accepted countries : All.
This is another reliable site, since the owners are the same as Clickxti. It has a mobile application to read paid emails on the go.


  • Rewards : Up to 5 points for reading emails (clicking on any link in the email).
  • Referrals : 10 levels.
  • Minimum payment : €10.
  • Payment methods : Bank transfer for users from Spain and Skrill or Payza for other countries.
  • Accepted countries : All.
This is a GPT site where you can not only earn money by completing tasks from your email, but you will also earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, trying apps and even trying games.


  • Referrals : 5 levels
  • Minimum payment : $10.
  • Payment methods : PayPal, Payeer and bitcoin.
  • Accepted countries : All.
  • << Go to Timebucks official site >>

Other ways to make money reading emails


There are other ways to earn income by checking your email daily . It is about registering for free to sites that pay to provide your opinions through online questionnaires. Yes, we are referring to online paid surveys.

It’s not as simple as reading emails for a few seconds to earn, but the earning potential is considerably higher. Paid surveys usually pay between $0.30 to $2.50, but require at least 10 minutes of your time. The bigger the reward, the more time you will need to complete it.

So what I want to say is that if you don’t have a lot of time or if you just want some extra cash without much effort, pay-to-read email sites are fine for you. However, you should consider checking out this list of the best survey panels to increase your income.


As you can tell, getting paid to read emails is safe as long as you use the right websites and avoid scams .

I suggest you sign up to some of these sites to earn free money by reading emails .

It is also highly recommended to create a new email account to sign up for these sites. That way, you can keep all your paid emails together and not clutter your personal inbox.

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