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Features of Motorola escape 210 headphones

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 Features, pros and cons of Motorola escape 210 Bluetooth earphones.


I have utilised the item for a month or somewhere in the vicinity. The sound quality is great, and the amplifier quality is additionally great. There is no test over range and the gathering is great up to 20 feet or somewhere in the vicinity, but one might have a few difficulties in the event of gathering through dividers. The ear cushions being small and not being totally over the ear makes for ear torment later on, 30-40 mins of use. not proposed for a long time of nonstop use. The wired choice utilising the aux rope doesn’t have a mouthpiece inbuilt in the rope and you can utilise it just as an earphone and not as a headset. The battery works for around 5–6 hours over steady utilisation and charges in around 30–40 minutes. The battery status is reflected in the Bluetooth association status of your telephone, but the shown charge status isn’t reliable. For me, it shows 100% at first and then boils down to 40%, and then unexpectedly turns off, showing battery.


Get to your music quickly and quit fooling around unravelling the wires. Remotely access Alexa, respond to/reject calls, change tracks, control volume, and much more.

Light weighted

Nothing can burden you with the very light Escape 210. Experience splendid music as though from a slight breeze, and be really liberated from every one of the things cutting you down.

Prevalent sound quality 

Experience your music, how fate has smiled down from heaven. Our immaculate 40mm extreme focus speakers convey the highs and lows perfectly, with bass that adds an oomph element to your music.

Foldable plan 

 Planned in light of your accommodation, Escape 210 is foldable, making it an ideal ally for your music needs. It takes less space and consistently keeps you associated with it.

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