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Get Paid to Read Books: 10 Sites that Actually Pay, Make $1000!

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Get Paid to Read Books: 10 Sites that Actually Pay, Make $1000!


In today’s digital era, earning money online has become a popular trend, and if you’re a bookworm, what could be better than getting paid to read books? 




One of the popular websites where you can get paid to read books is They offer book reviewers the opportunity to earn up to $60 per review, making it an excellent platform to turn your passion for reading into a lucrative side gig.


2. Kirkus Reviews:


Kirkus Reviews is a reputable platform that offers book reviewing opportunities for enthusiasts. They pay around $50 per book review, and if you establish yourself as a reliable reviewer, the earning potential can increase significantly.


3. BookBrowse:


BookBrowse allows avid readers to contribute to their book reviews section. While the pay isn’t explicitly mentioned, the exposure and chance to interact with fellow book lovers make it a worthwhile site to earn money through your passion.


4. Any Subject Books:


Any Subject Books is a unique service that hires reviewers for a wide range of topics, including books. They offer flexibility in terms of the genres and types of books you can review, making it an excellent choice for those with diverse reading interests.



5. Reedsy Discovery:


Reedsy Discovery provides a platform for readers to discover new authors and get paid for reviewing their work. While the pay is not extremely high, the opportunity to showcase your writing skills and connect with promising authors makes it a rewarding experience.


6. The US Review of Books:


With a vast pool of readers and reviewers, The US Review of Books offers a paid opportunity for book lovers to earn money by sharing their thoughts on different literary works.


7. Online Survey Sites:


While not solely focused on book reviews, online survey sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks occasionally offer paid book review opportunities. Being vigilant and regularly checking these platforms can help you come across potential opportunities.



8. NetGalley:


NetGalley is a website that connects publishers and authors with avid readers. By signing up and providing valuable feedback on books, you can earn reputation points that can lead to more advanced reader copies and potential monetary incentives from publishers.



9. WordsRU:


WordsRU offers paid proofreading and editing services. While it may not be directly related to reading books for monetary rewards, this platform allows you to work with authors and publishers, further honing your skills while earning money.


10. Freelancing Platforms:


Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr offer opportunities for aspiring book reviewers to showcase their skills and earn money. By creating a profile and leveraging these platforms, you can attract clients and establish a reputation that leads to meaningful book reviewing projects.



Getting paid to read books is a dream-come-true for literature lovers. The 10 legitimate websites and platforms mentioned in this essay provide opportunities for avid readers to monetize their passion. However, it is important to remember that dedication, commitment, and continuous improvement in reading and writing skills are essential to excel in this field. So, if you’re passionate about books and looking to earn some extra income, explore these sites and dive into the world of book reviewing while making up to $1000 or more!


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