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10 Simple Steps – How To Earn From Meesho / Passive income

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How to earn from meesho / Full details here :

Hello, I welcome you to my event, India’s number one business platform that helps millions of Indians earn up to Rs 30,000 from home every month.  In this section, I will quickly tell you what is being resold on the meesho and show you how to use it.

   Meesho of Meeho resale is a very simple business here.  You sell the listed high quality and trendy products at wholesale prices to your customers for profit.  Now you must be wondering how I can help Meesho bring thousands of quality products collected from the best suppliers at wholesale prices.

Social media share / How to earn from meesho :

  All you have to do is share pictures and descriptions of these products with your friends, family or potential customers on whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, facebook or any other social media.  If they like the products, you can add your own profit margin to the product price and order the products directly through the app.

   When you order, Meesho handles the entire delivery process by taking the product from suppliers and delivering it to your customers, without mentioning anything about me, and instilling confidence in your customers to your customers.  Meesho pays for delivery as a payment method.  After delivery, Meesho collects and transfers the entire amount from your customers.

   Meesho did not ask for a policy to safely withdraw one hundred percent of your profit limit to your bank account.  If your customer is not happy with the product, you can go to me and show me the application and place a written or exchange request.

Meesho will receive the product from your customers and return the full amount to your bank account to use the meesho app. You need to know two things:

One: How to share your products with your customers and how to order two Open Meesho app.

  You see, there are many different types of product listings at wholesale prices.  The list is a collection of similar products in different color sizes and more.  You can share the entire list or a product from the list.  Most of our experienced resellers share the full list with their customers.

So when you open a list we will show you how it is done.  You see the green Share Now button that allows you to share the entire list on WhatsApp with your customers.  After clicking the Share Now button, the Meesho app will take you to WhatsApp.

   Now select the client you want to share the list with and press Send.  To share the product description, you will find pictures of all the products on the list shared with your customer.  To go to the meesho app, then click the button.  You will find the Meesho application sending you to WhatsApp with product details like color, design, fabric shared with your customer.

  As you can see, the total price of the product was not shown to your customers and nothing was mentioned about me.  Show up in the product description too, because Meesho allows you to set your own profit margin.

   If your customer is interested in the product and remember to inform your customers, you are providing delivery and free return money for all items.  If your customer does not like the product and wants to buy something from the list you shared, come back to the application and go to my account area and go to my shared list to see all the listings shared.

   You open.  Click here for the list you shared and the product your customer wants.  Add to cart, you will see the button, tap the button and choose the right size and size of the product.  You will see the checkout button as soon as you tap it.

Payment method / How to earn from meesho :

You will find payment options for delivery and payment online.  If you select cash on delivery, Meesho will collect the final amount in cash from your customers on delivery and securely transfer your profit margin to your bank account.

If you choose the online payment method, you can collect the profit margin directly from your customers by paying only the product price for Meesho.  Since most of our resellers choose cash for delivery as their preferred payment method, why any other mode you prefer?

  We will continue cash on delivery as payment method.  By tapping the button to proceed.  You can now add money to charge from your customer, including your margin.  Product price, along with margin, is the total amount that Meesho collects from your customers here.

  If you enter the price of an item priced at 640 rupees as 690 rupees, you will get a profit limit of 50 rupees and Meesho will charge your customer 690 rupees in cash and change your profit limit to 50 rupees.  If the rupee goes safely into your bank account, your customer will not know the actual price of the item or your margin on the button that follows.

Next, your customers can select the delivery, address or add a new address.  Tap the Add New Address button for your customers to enter details.  Tap the same address button to save it for future orders.  Now proceed and tap the button.  Next, you will come to the Order Summary page here.  You can add sender details.

   The sender’s name will be displayed to the customer on the delivery package.  If you would like to display a different name in the package sent to your customers, click the Change button to continue editing this information.

Please note that there is no indication that we will display in the package provided to your customer.  Finally, tap the space bar.  Button and your order will be placed.  That’s all for now.  If you have any doubts or problems while using this app please visit our help and learn the section on apps with meesho.

  Thousands of Indians were able to start their business from home.  Hope you get started too.  So all the best and happy resale.

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