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How to Earn Money Selling Notes in Studypool

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Hello, I’m ecstatic to learn that I may now sell my old notes and assignments. Your notes and assignments can now be sold to students all around the world. Yes, I’m referring to Study Pool, a massive free learning and sharing site. Friends, It’s completely free to sell your notes and assignments. Let’s talk about how you can make money in Study pool by selling notes.

Study pool


Study pool is a website that connects students with tutors that can assist them with their questions. Study pool connects you with hundreds of certified tutors who can help you with any issue at any time. You may use this site to work as a tutor and even sell your notes and assignments without paying a fee.


Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc. have previously covered it. It’s a massive community with millions of students and eager learners. You may obtain assistance with posting the questions and make money by answering them as well as selling the documents and notes. Students may make money by selling notes in study pool, which is the biggest benefit.


Study pool’s Advantages


*Look for a solution. Easy to publish the questions

*Join the world’s largest learning community.

*Sell your notes to make money.

*Employed as a tutor

*Millions of students rely on it.


What is the best way to make money selling notes on Study pool?


In Study pool, there are two methods to make money. The first is to sell your old or current note and assignment copies, and the second is to respond to other students’ inquiries. There are just a few things you should consider selling the notes for. Only your own documents can be uploaded and offered for sale. There is an approval mechanism in place that prevents you from uploading any copyrighted notes or study materials.


According to Study pool, one may earn up to $5,000 per month. Many top docs sellers have already sold their notes and documents for more than a lakh dollar. Let’s look at how to make money in Study pool by selling notes.


By clicking on the sign-up button on the front display, you may quickly sign up.


Fill up your e-mail address, select an anonymous username, and establish a password. After you’ve completed all the preceding steps, just click the Create Account button.


It’s now your responsibility to close off the account.


If you signed in using Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, it will ask for your username; otherwise, you must provide it in the previous step.


Upload a photo for your profile.


After entering your login and school name, click Continue.


You will be shown some of the study pool’s features; simply click continue to proceed. Your study pool account has now been created. It’s time to start making money in Study pool by selling notes.

After you’ve uploaded the document, keep in mind that it will be reviewed by the study pool staff. If the submitted document is your original work, it will be approved and made available for purchase. Anyone with a need for it can look it up and see it. When a student examines your paper only once, you may earn up to $10.


In the uploading area, the successful revenue statistics of top sellers is displayed. One vendor has already made over a million and a half dollars.


To be approved in the study pool, your paper must be both relevant and well-categorized. You’ll be able to start making money selling notes in Study pool right now. It may be the finest source of passive income for students pursuing a +2 or bachelor’s degree. If you submit a worthwhile letter and document, you can make a lot of money.


You don’t have to be concerned about taking money from the study pool. Because PayPal, Western Union, and other similar services offer simple withdrawal options. When you earn at least $50 in your study pool, you can withdraw your winnings. To make money, work hard and give authentic as well as informed notes and papers. That is how you may make money on Study pool by selling notes.

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