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One of the biggest problems growing in our age is facial hair for women, this happens due to hormonal imbalance, we live in an era where everyone glorifies the beauty of the body and we might feel sad to have hair where it is not expected, this trend of glorifying the body has created lesser confidence in women, and created a depression in women and sometimes even self-hatred in women, some home remedies that can be done for reducing facial hair are.

1)Turmeric gram flour lemon juice and sandalwood paste-add 3 tsp of gram flour in a bowl, add 2tsp turmeric squeeze half a lemon and add 2 pinches of sandalwood paste, mix this well and apply this paste on the face and keep it for 15-20 mins, then rinse this with water and dry your face, this paste should be applied every day for a full month or till you see the results this reduces your hair by initially thinning it also softens your skin brightens your tone.

2)Sugaring – take half lemon juice 1 tbsp full of sugar and make a thick paste with water, this paste can be rubbed on your skin, it exfoliates the skin and makes your face look hair-free for up to 6 weeks. Understand that the sugar which you taking, see that the granules of sugar are smaller and not bigger in size.

3)Honey and lemon juice – take a spoon of lemon juice and 1 tbsp full of honey, mix it well and apply the mixture, leave it on for 20 mins, take a small Turkish napkin, fold this napkin in warm water remove the excess water and wipe off the honey lemon paste and then rinse the area with cold water. Honey is known for brightening and hydrating the skin it also has the property of reducing unnecessary hair growth. This can be done 3 times a week. 

4)Food management for hormonal balance-some foods that can help with your hormonal balance is soya. Soya has phytoestrogens so it helps in bringing in the balance of the hormones, this helps in balancing the levels of the estrogen and this would reduce the hair growth eventually, all soya-based products like tofu chunk and soymilk are useful, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, dry fruits, garlic peaches, oats barley, lentils moong beans rice bran all this helps in increasing estrogen and thus reduces excessive facial hair naturally, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage cauliflower broccoli should be consumed, these foods should be consumed keeping in mind that person is not allergic to soya or phytoestrogen, reducing your weight can reduce the imbalance which is caused by estrogen and testosterone, usually excessive weight reduces estrogen and increases other hormones like male hormones testosterone leading to increase in hair growth it can also be a symptom of PCOS and menopause, PCOS has been escalating so much that it now happens to 7 among 10 teenagers, you can balance hormones by these foods which i have just mentioned, for weight loss consuming or right type of diet focusing on all appropriate nutrients is very important asanas that can be performed include bhadrasana supt and sitting, vajrasana matsyasana abdominal breathing virasanan mandukasana these asanas help in proper production of estrogen by promoting blood flow near the pelvic region, they also help in the proper functioning of the reproductive system apart from these asanas going for a normal walk is highly recommended, also understand working on a problem is what is important, sitting on the problem will not solve that, there is no need to feel inferior about it because body is body so accept what it has and adapt to a healthy and really fresh happier life accepting what cant be changed, now all these problems can beworked upon and we should work on the problems and not just sit cool that’s what my body is try and work on yourself every problem has its own solution work on the solution seeing the problem don’t sit and feel bad and depressive rather work on the solution and slowly you will see the difference in yourself your face would glow much better because you have worked on it you would look much beautiful and much smart so take charge of yourself and work on yourself.

Finally, spearmint tea actually can contribute to reduced facial hair growth in women now what they found is drinking two cups a day for as little as five days can reduce the amount of hair growth on your face this is a great thing to try because you can try it see what happens with you but I would recommend doing it for a minimum of two weeks now it does reduce the androgen levels in your body so you do not want to do this if you’re a man you don’t want to do this if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and you do want to realize that it may contribute to some irregularities in your period but other than those sorts of things it’s a great way to naturally try and reduce the hair growth of your face like I said a minimum of two weeks and you should see a little bit of a result continued to use more of a result I hope you found these tips helpful.

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