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What is meant by marketing?

The concept of marketing refers to the activities undertaken by companies to promote the purchase or sale of a service or a product, and marketing includes advertising, selling and delivering products to customers or to other companies. 


A specific amount that is agreed upon between them under a contract, so professionals and marketing professionals seek to attract the attention of customers by setting up campaigns or advertisements that contain attention-grabbing details, or even using rare and attractive packaging for the product presented in a distinctive way, for example, and may include advertisements Sometimes celebrity endorsements and attractive phrases or slogans, and based on the above, establishing a special department or marketing companies is very important, the more effective the marketing strategy is, the more sales will increase, thus increasing the chance of earning more profits and achieving success and continuityIn the labor market, apart from the possibility of growth to become a source of danger to competitors who provide the same services or sell the same products in the same environment or place.


Marketing and its development


The concept of marketing is somewhat old. In some ancient civilizations, merchants used to work in it, but indirectly. 


For example, if you watched a movie of the ancient Greek civilization, you can see merchants and sellers promoting their products by appealing in a convincing manner or showing the advantages of their products to people who pass through the market. This is also marketing, but in an old traditional way, which means that it existed in some way in the old time, but the concept of marketing that we see now is directly related to the developments and events that took place in the industrial revolution in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, due to the identification of technology and the increase in innovation With the increase in population numbers and the occurrence of remarkable social change around the world, the need to distinguish and highlight the services and products you provide from other competitors, and after this industrial revolution also was separated between product production, consumption and distribution, so the need became greater to develop strategies for distributing these products the right target groups.


What are the elements of marketing?

Marketing is one of the most important activities carried out by organizations because of the urgent need to distribute and sell products. 


Without developing awareness among customers of their need for products that are created and produced, there will be no sales and consumption process for them. The concept of these elements can be explained through the following:


The product


The product is the first basic element of the marketing process, upon which the target group of marketing is determined, and the success of any product is usually measured by determining the need for it and people’s desire for it in addition to the demand for it in the marketing stage.


The price

Customers must feel the value of the product they get for the amount offered, as the market and production cost must be studied in addition to the price of the same product with competitors, but at the same time it cannot be set too low a price that does not correspond to production and operating costs to win customers only.



Any product needs a place to be displayed and sold to customers and evaluated by them directly. Choosing the right place and the right strategic location is one of the important marketing fundamentals, which directly affects the volume of sales and profits.




Those in charge of the marketing process, after defining the product, its price and place of presentation, must develop an innovative promotion strategy, and with the advent of modern technology, finding and implementing the idea has become more difficult to increase competitors and ease procedures, so all forms of promotion or merging of more than one form must be exploited together to achieve sales and reputation better.


What are the types of marketing?

Marketing has evolved over the years, as it first appeared in the traditional form through television, radio and newspapers, then became more used, which led to the emergence of the need to develop it with the presence of the Internet and the progress of technology and science, and in the following the most important types of marketing are recognized:


Traditional Marketing


Traditional marketing is meant to promote the brand through offline channels and means, and it is the first type that emerged from marketing, since access to information was not easy and was not available to everyone, so most companies adopted marketing using external means such as print and TV ads, etc.


Digital Marketing 


Digital marketing is the opposite of traditional marketing, where the basis of this type of marketing is based on the use of technology and taking advantage of the presence of the Internet, to include a larger group of audiences for easy access to information and the speed of its spread, such as the use of social media, e-mail, websites and others.


External Marketing

This type of marketing is concerned with reaching people based on their purchasing lists or based on their desires and is determined through their visits to websites or accounts on social networking sites, such as the use of unsolicited calls or emails, with the aim of increasing customers’ awareness of their products and services.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the forms emanating from digital marketing, through the use of the Internet, content is placed in its various forms to reach the target group, and this type is usually used to deal directly with customers and answer their common questions.


Marketing hype

This type of marketing relies on utilizing fresh creative content, interactive events and community influencers to promote their products by including some of these as part of the message to customers and creating word of mouth marketing or videos to support the brand.


Acquisition Marketing


This type of marketing means converting potential customers into real customers who buy products from the company, and this type differs from others in that it extends to the sales and customer service team as well. 


Affiliate Marketing


This type of marketing enables companies to cooperate with other companies or influencers in the community to market their products for a specific commission, or by placing a commission on each sale made through this marketing, and this type of marketing can be considered effective if the company has assets. Basically marketing.


What are the basic characteristics of marketing?

Several characteristics must be available in marketing to ensure its success as the main reason for achieving corporate sales and increasing the opportunity for profit. The following is a summary of the most important of these characteristics:


  • Customer focus: The business idea is about customers and the ability to persuade them to make a purchase.


  • The search for customer satisfaction: when dealing with companies, customers naturally expect the fulfillment of their desires and a feeling of satisfaction.


  • Directing activities towards achieving goals: When starting a business, goals are set at levels, so the marketing team makes an effort to achieve the company’s basic goals such as earning profit in addition to meeting human needs.


  • Consider marketing as an art and a science at the same time: Marketing refers to a skill required to carry out activities, and science refers to the knowledge that representatives of the marketing department must possess.


  • Creating an appropriate marketing environment: The marketing environment is usually affected by the economic, political, and technological conditions of countries.

What is the importance of marketing?


We can benefit from marketing based on the great importance it represents in the business of companies and institutions, and the following are the most prominent points that represent this importance:


  • Helping to increase the movement and exchange of goods, as marketing affects traders and consumers alike.

  • Contribute to raising and maintaining the standard of living of individuals in society. Through marketing, the demands and needs of individuals are met, in addition to improving the economy of countries by raising the ceiling of sales.

  • Increasing employment opportunities in the community, by increasing the sales of countries, improving their economy and increasing competition between companies, opportunities will be available to employ larger numbers of the workforce.

  • Assistance in making strict decisions at work, as marketing is based on studying the work environment in general, which helps to form a good background on the nature of the conduct of things and how to deal with them.

  • Producing new creative ideas as marketing is a tool that contributes to arriving at ideas by observing the performance of competitors and conducting appropriate market research.


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