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Today, I’m going to talk about the most controversial person in history who wants to make the world a better place and whose perception is different from others and he is different from anyone. If you want to understand his thoughts, you must be aware of everything. Without a thorough understanding and knowledge, we cannot accept him. He started a revolution in his time that no one can simply ignore.

Osho is his name.

The name alone is sufficient.

He is well-known for a variety of difficult issues, but he is also a great philosopher, and his books are a haven for readers. Anyone can read them, and we can’t ignore him after reading his books.

His real name is Rajneesh, and he was born in Bhopal (Kuchwada)

on December 11, 1931.

He attempted many things that we can’t imagine now,

and many politicians and religious leaders are against him because he wants to fix many things that aren’t good for our society.


Let’s look at this book.




What Osho says in this book is a very valid notion by a man

who understands the sufferings of women at the time 

He strongly believes that only women’s freedom can bring about change in this society.

The book has 12 chapters, which is unique in comparison to another example.

In this book, he discusses 12 distinct issues, including

1) female

2) sexiality

3) love

4) motherhood.


He insists in the chapter Female that “if you want to influence women’s minds, just agree with them” and that women are capable of producing life but males are not.

Here we may observe Osho’s perspective on women.

A woman might be content with just one love because she is interested in the man’s inner qualities rather than his physical appearance.


In this chapter, he describes how women suffer in marriage contracts, and he suggests that women should be in love rather than in contracts. Women’s bodies are like musical instruments, with a great deal of sensitivity, therefore there should be foreplay rather than forcing them.

Motherhood is a larger art you should learn

this is a really wonderful sentence from this book

osho insists that your kids come from you but not to you they have their own life to live in this world

so let them free like this he tells in this chapter

OSHO also telling that  treat a child as an adult, giving them respect and the opportunity to explore the world.



Enough Love is the topic.

In this chapter, Osho describes love as a bitter medicine with a sugar coater. I’m not sure why he says this, but whatever. He also says that millions of people have opted to stop loving humans and instead choose to love dogs and cats.

Finally, he wants everyone to forgive themselves many times so that we can become more appealing and our relationships will grow.

Love will know what god is


I have covered a little part of the book


based on my knowledge.

I tell you that once you fall in love with his writings, your knowledge will be like the ocean,

See you everyone in another blog




  Ananthi Ramesh


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