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Parenting is a blessing !! It’s all about how we parents behave with our child and connect with them emotionally,to cater their needs via their speech, action , thoughts etc. Instead of being tough with your child, all you have to do is to get through them with simple tricks ! Happy child ! Happy family is our goal. Isn’t so?

As we all have crossed over COVID 19 with these healthy parenting ideas that can be followed to make top notch Healthy parenting.

Talk with them about something they like,Help them do their homework , Dance with them singing their favourite lullabies , Read a book with them together, and above all “Coach instead of control” is our only way spell-word !


Parents have been raising their children this way for centuries –because it simply means parenting with a focus on empathy, connection and mindful enforced discipline.

Just talk & cuddle your kid as the way you would do to a guest. Use the words that are protective of their feelings, words can be hurtful and it means for them alot!  Words shouldn’t be critical to behaviour .Build up the ability to handle feelings to be dealt with before behaviour can be improved!

If u want to raise a strong willed adult empower your strong –willed child; just chill and say

“Honey, When you grow up I want you to be assertive, independent and strong-willed, but while you are a kid, I want you to be passive, pliable and obedient”

Observe when a child plays the role of a parent, instead of playing a child role in the relationship. No matter how they irritates you, as a parent pat them on saying positive words, just spreading around positivity

*    “You make my day”

*    “I love you no matter what”

*    “I’m here if you need me”

*    “You should be proud of yourself”

*    “I’m listening my child”

Meanwhile your child will teach you a lot about how the child is

*    You can find out so much simply by observing them like 

*    What their interests are

*    What they are learning?

*    What’s their understanding about surroundings?

*    Their current stage of development and feelings, intense attachment with parents.

Remember when a child is punished for their honesty, they begin to lie !

Some best parenting tips as follows

1. A kid who is LOVED will become LOVING

2. A RESPECTED child will become respectful

3. LISTEN to your child –they too become a great listener of yours and world

4. Set RULES and let it be fun

5. Your child will learn how you live. That’s it! What comes around goes around!  That’s KARMA!

Ways to validate your child’s negative self talk

1. Validate their feelings

2. Focus on solving the problem

3. Foster positive thinking

4.Create a positive environment

Below are the things that we model for our kids, whether  we realize it or not

1. Relationship with technology

2. How we deal with frustration

3. How we take care of ourselves

4. How we apologize and repair relationships

5.How we care our environment

6. How we care for pets

Because all these define parents character and it automatically insist children to reflect it.



*    Be aware of their problems and try to solve it.

*    Be an initiative to mould their conversations

*    Cope up with them by helping them learn simple skills being a toddler

*    Better say “Practice will make better at this” rather than yelling  “This is hard”

*    Encourage them saying “Overcoming challenges helps you grow” instead of “Don’t do challenges”. Accomplish great growth mindset in them

*    Bond time with your baby daily face to face rocks you up in their imaginative world

*    There are no magic words to end a tantrum, During tantrum be calm, connected and accept all feelings

*    After tantrum when your child is calm, then comes the teachable moment

*    Talks to your new born develops their language skills, hats how they start learning their conversational skills. It starts when they are in mom’s womb J YES, the baby listens you while in womb. Here’s why i motivate all Mom- to be to spend time to speak with baby in your womb positively, sing for them, make them happy hearing your voice out.




Explain why any punishment is necessary, Allow kids to learn from their mistakes


Gives in to kids demands, act like your child’s friend, avoid setting over rules

3.     TIGER

Don’t enforces rigorous routines, expects nothing but the best from kids

4.                 HELICOPTER

Constantly intervenes to prevent failures by overlooking kids weaknesses, hovers closely rarely out of reach

5.                 OUTSOURCE

Strives for their perfection, hires others to train and care, relies on professionals

6.                 POSITIVE

Value daily one-on-one time with each child, embrace positive discipline in lieu of punishment.

7.                 ATTACHMENT

ü Builds intimacy via breast feeding, co-sleeping and baby wearing

ü Encourage good behaviour

ü Be quick to respond to kids needs

8.                 AUTHORITARIAN

Makes unilateral decisions! Uses punishment to enforce obedience is not recommended







DAILY CALENDER BE LIKE-teach them & tell them frequently via activities that charms them


*    ANONYMOUS DEED MONDAY – Do something nice for someone without telling them

*    Love the earth Tuesday – do a good deed for our mother earth plant a tree, water daily, speak with it daily, water its first flower or pick up trash

*    Caring words Wednesday – Tell your child nice about their selves

*    Educate Thursday – Read a new book or educate about culture lifestyle etc

*    Helpful Friday – help someone out who may be a friend, nanny, grandma, or someone who is less fortunate

*    Chore Saturday –teach them to do a special chore to help parents out

*    Self-care Sunday –Tell kids Be kind to yourself! You deserve it



As a parent i am strongly suggesting who reading this to watch a movie “ABIYUM -NAANUM” movie cast a popular heroine Trisha and Character artist  prakashraj which depicts the every stage of a growing child. The movie surely makes a binding effect with your life and emotions we hold over our child and makes you to travel along way with that peculiar dad cringe over his daughter

“A father gets to meet the father of a preschooler at a playground and recounts his own relationship with his daughter over the years, including his difficulties accepting her marriage.” A screenplay  well about father-daughter relationship. With a beautiful screenplay, the story tells about the father’s love. The cast’s acting was so natural and casual. I really enjoyed the film. Put bluntly, parents with daughters must watch this film!”


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