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Raising Toddlers

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Parenting tips for parents of toddlers


     There are lot of things to do when your baby becomes a toddler, there is so much to keep up with. They will start to be more social and communicate their needs and wants at this stage. 

    Its very important time for you and your child.These help your child learn new words encourage your toddler to explore and try new things .Start to read books with your child often. Make them to play some brain development games such as simple puzzles and matching shapes. Explain the things sourrounding them. Set up some time to play with them. 

Toddler Parenting Tips:

Encourage Your Child to express everything. Ask your child to find different things and to name different body parts and objects around the house .Encourage your child’s curiosity and ability to recognize common objects away from home by taking walks together or going on a bus ride and pointing out what you find along the way Encourage your child’s feeling of independence by letting them help get dressed or feed themselves. Respond positively to good behaviors more than you punish unwanted ones (and only use brief time outs) . 

If anything wrong with them means tell whats wrong with that behaviour do not scold the child. “Do not touch the hot stove, you could get hurt.” Is better than “You are being a bad boy!” Ask your child to tell you their name and age.Teach your child simple songs like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and other childhood rhymes . Limit attention you give to tantrums and acting up.

     Keep your expectations from them upto their maturity level . For instance, most toddlers will have toilet accidents .Eventhough if the child being more active and curious,they can be highly emotional. 


    When your child is growing, their daily needs also will  change along with their growth.Daily Life Health and Safety Your Toddler’s World Other Tips for Your Toddler If your living room is strewn with Legos and your coffee is always cold, you might have a toddler. Babies seem to be in constant motion. 

     Their new walking technique allows them to cover more area, so you may be a little distraught as you follow them to make sure they stay safe. Toddlers develop a sense of independence that extends into the night hours. You may experience waking up at night again, but this time your baby isn’t just crying for you, it’s getting out of bed and going to look for you. Along with activity and curiosity, toddlers can be very emotional. 

     Strategies for parenting your toddler Illustration by Emily Roberts, Verywell Daily Life Toddlers aren’t physically growing as much as they did when they were babies.Their daily routine is filled with sleep, food and physical activity. diet and nutrition If your baby seems to be eating less than he did in infancy, you may be a little concerned.

Foods and nutritions:

     After one year, babies do not grow as fast and do not need much food. “Children at this age are very picky because their growth rate is slow and they are mobile, and they tend to eat much less than they did when they were young. Mom.If the toddler ate lunch and called for help a third time, but she only ate a slice of banana for dinner, she has nothing to worry about. 

They need 1000 calories per day,through 3 meals and 2 snakes in varying varying amounts.

      Don’t forget to give them various kinds of nutritious foods. They have to contain vegetables,fruits,protiens,starches and healthy fats.Only a tablespoon is enough for them. Dr. Raker told only the quality should be good.If your toddler does not want to eat some new foods you offer, just allow them. Then try the same food next time.Don’t forget to add milk and diary products. But if your baby is under 2 years of age, don’t touch skim milk.

Encourage physical activities:

They should be engaged with 3 hours of physical activities. Dr. Raker also said ,at this age the children will start to explore new things in sorroundings. Also they want to try some new activities like running and climbing stairs. Outdoor activities are more important for them at this stage, like parks and outdoor  play structures. To make them to get enough physical activity, let them to try a walk with you around your neighbourhood and along the beach side. 

        Around the house You may see your toddler holding a broom and sweeping it or putting on their shoes. Your baby will want to be with you most of the waking hours.

 It’s important to get them involved in some of the activities you do. While it may be easier and quicker to do everything yourself, allowing your baby to help even in small amounts will keep them active and teach them important skills. You can ask them to throw the tissues in the trash or use a toy broom to sweep them aside. Most of a toddler’s chores are picking up toys, putting dirty clothes in a basket, or putting books on a shelf. Your children will also be interested in helping out around the house. 

Confident parents:

     Learning more about your child’s development can help you become a confident parent. Read books on parenting, ask questions, and find resources to help you deal with everything from tantrums to potty training. Always consult your pediatrician if you have any questions about your baby’s health or behavior.


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