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Skills to be developed by Youth to Face the Nuances of Life.

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Skills to be developed by Youth to Face the Nuances of Life.


Potpourri of Expressions!!

                         Street smartness is the need of the hour….says Mr. Paul, Assistant Professor of English, working in a Government Arts and Science College, Chennai. Being street smart means you should have the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the potential difficulties or dangers of life in an urban environment. Students, more importantly, should be able to make judgements on the scenario, the place, and the people around them. In order to put themselves, first in the society it’s mandatory that they should be street smart, she adds further.

                   Creative thinking, logical reasoning and conceptual learning are the reasons for my success says a young tech- savvy, Mr. Vishnu, who has recently placed in a top-notch company in Chennai. While asking his views about the skills that students should develop, he suggested that these three, act as the driving force during his interview. He further shared that he used to play the game like Hangman, which boosts his interest as well as creativity and reasoning. Moreover, he said, he used to understand the concepts behind the programming languages, which in turn help him to excel not only in his studies but also in his workplace.

                Creativity, coding, and problem solving are the skills necessary for the students to cope with the developments in the future says Mr.Sam, who is working online for a multi-national company in Bangalore. He said, students should develop these skills by themselves, as the colleges can teach only coding. Creativity and problem-solving skills should be an innate framework which universities can teach. Creativity can be obtained through voracious reading, whereas problem-solving skills can be developed by completing a puzzle together with our friends, which actually improves our focus.

               Entrepreneurship has so many advantages, hence a student should develop his entrepreneurship skill as well, says Mrs.Madhumitha, a budding entrepreneur in Chennai. If motivated properly students can become entrepreneurs and excellent opportunities awaited them in the future. Students should have self-confidence to become successful entrepreneurs, she added further.

                     Coming on the heels of all these opinions, I would like to pen my own notions on the skills to be developed by students in order to cope with the changing world.

                      Creative thinking, logical reasoning, Street smartness, coding, problem solving and conceptual learning, Entrepreneurship- all these are necessary for students to cope with the fast developing technical world. But are the students or the youngsters strong-willed is a million-dollar question. In this fast-developing era, as we all know it’s not the survival of the fittest but the survival of the fastest. It’s not about the number of students but the quality of students, we are producing, matters a lot. Every day in newspapers we are reading about the suicides committed by young children. I was shocked to hear the news that a student committed suicide as he couldn’t understand the online classes properly and another one committed suicide as he felt alone during this lockdown period.

                 It’s mandatory that students should have knowledge of coding. He should know to think logically. He should be well versed in all the concepts he is learning. But the most basic thing which has to be developed among children is Life skills. The skill that is necessary to live our life to the fullest. Living our life is a skill. As a parent or a teacher, it’s our duty to inculcate self-confidence and optimism among children. Children should be brought up in such a way that they should be strong both physically and mentally. They should be clear enough to treat both success and failure equally. This will not happen in a moment. It’s a life-long process. The role of a parent has its own credit here. Amidst their busy schedule, parents should find time to speak with their children. Children must have the confidence that their parents are the outlet to unleash their thoughts and feelings. 

                A sound mind in a sound body is an old adage. Children should focus on their physical fitness too. They can be taught yoga and meditation to have control, towards their body and mind. If possible they can be taught some martial arts too.

Our destiny is not written for us, but by us

                                         -Barack Obama

Let the children be potential enough to learn all their academic skills. But let us be the reason to build a nation with healthy-minded generation, facing the world brimming with joy. Let them be the real torch-bearers of this society with the capacity to cope with this fast-developing world.

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