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South Indian Food – Different Cuisines and Scrumptious Dishes Explained

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South Indian food is one of the most famous local cooking styles of India. It is essentially a blend of the food of the five provinces of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and the association regions of Pondicherry, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The foods all utilization flavors novel to the locale and the cooking styles significantly contrast in the degree of hotness.


South Indian food is known for the utilization of liberal coconut in their curries. Other fundamental and normal fixings incorporate curry leaves, mustard oil, red chillies and oil and so forth. Here we have attempted to demystify and make sense of the various cooking styles of South India. See!


Telugu Food


Telugu and Andhra food is the spiciest among all cooking styles. They use tamarind and stew liberally, consequently, making the food truly hot and tart. They significantly use lentils and coconuts in their recipe. In any case, even here, Hyderabad is an exemption which is known for its extremely delightful Hyderabadi Biryani. Other well known things incorporate pesarattu (mung bean flapjack), pulihaara (tamarind and lemon rice), thotakura (amaranth-pigeon pea stew) pappu, dosakaya (yellow cucumber – pigeon pea stew), sakinalu, rawa laddu and so on.


Karnataka Food


Karnataka has a different cooking however the food in everything is viewed as the mildest with regards to fieriness. They use stew, jaggery and palm sugar liberally. Here the food has a few subcategories-

North Karnataka Cuisine is for the most part ready with rice and millet. They likewise utilize a ton of flavors and take different chutneys and pickles with their food.

Waterfront Karnataka Cuisine is most fish based. Chicken, Fish and Meat is basically ready in coconut oil and coconut curry and are presented with rice which is the staple food.

Coorgi Cuisine is again exceptionally unmistakable. Pork is their number one and most normally utilized meat. They likewise utilize a great deal of kokum in their food arrangements.

South Karnataka Cuisine is otherwise called the Old Mysore Cuisine where the steady food is rice and millets. The curries are thick and prepared and are presented with steamed rice. Mysore Pak is a well known specialty of the spot.


Kerala Food

Kerala food is the most famous cooking, in the district as well as all over the country. The most loved element of Kerala is coconut and they use it in the entirety of their dishes either as oil or milk or entirety. Fish is additionally extremely well known around here. Run of the mill Indian Masala Dosa is a result of this cooking.


Tamil Nadu Food


Tamil Nadu food is a mix of fiery and non zesty dishes. Individuals for the most part consume non vegan curries with steamed rice. The food is significantly Saiva (vegan food) and Asaiva (non-veggie lover food). They additionally have different tidbits like Medu Vada and well known sweets like Payasam, shockingly. Chettinad food is a popular development of the Tamil Nadu cooking that is known for its fiery and fragrant dishes. The hot, sharp dishes are sprinkled with ground flavors

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