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Technology in Indian Education – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Technology is one of the most famous inventions of man, which has a great influence in influencing our daily lives. This machine stands proudly upside down as it is definitely positioned as the best companion to help us in our day to day activities. From a simple nail cutter to a sophisticated smartphone, technology has become such a part of human life that life without it is undoubtedly inevitable.


  • Multimedia is definitely an attraction when it comes to kids. Using it as a learning medium will definitely prove to be more effective than the traditional method of using books and charts for illustrative purposes. Colorful visuals stay in their minds longer than stagnant material printed in books. This is why children pick up jingles from advertisements shown on TV better than advertisements printed in newspapers for the same product.
  • Preparing themselves for a simpler day from today while using technology. In today’s world, it is clear that there is no job or life that does not require any use of technical jargon or technical stuff. A kid who can easily operate a computer today can do well in the days of becoming a software engineer, or a better educated A.V. A child who grows up watching scenes becomes a great dreamer and shapes himself as an ace actor/actress or cinematographer. Technology gives wings to their imagination and prepares them for a vivid day that includes the compulsion to use smart gadgets.

Virtual classroom

  • Leaning on technology can prove a cost-effective way of learning. Spending less on books and updating technology usage will definitely lighten parents’ pockets. Every year parents spend a good amount of money on perishable and difficult to carry books. Instead of this burden on the delicate backs of children, carrying less books and embracing eLearning is beneficial. This is an advantage of the technology, it is cost effective and environment friendly. More books would be paper production, which would require many trees to sacrifice their existence.


  • The affordability of these gadgets pinches the pockets of parents, for whom it is a challenge to give quality education to their children. The below-poverty income group crowd, those who can’t afford books, can only see technology-assisted learning as an impossible dream. Providing tablets is a cost and getting an internet connection for further learning seems like a never-ending cost, so settling for a school with less basic facilities seems like an obvious option.
  • Technology brings with it a lot of health risks. Every day pediatricians see many of their patients struggling with vision and concentration issues, which comes as an unwelcome gift for loving these gadgets more than they need. If not used for the prescribed period, using pills for studies or fun can prove to be very dangerous. Young eyes and brains are constantly at risk, which is a serious concern for parents.

Risk technology

  • Tools like auto-correct and spell check spoil children’s skills to a certain extent. The importance given to handwritten scripts/assignments is gradually decreasing with the birth of online submission arrangement. Virtual classrooms and smart boards have taken a back seat to a good parent-teacher relationship. Things are certainly easier, but at the same time it has reduced the interest to listen to a good lecture from an intelligent teacher explaining a concept of germination, which does not show videos on YouTube or any learning apps as part of “conceptual learning”.

Therefore, both technology and traditional schooling methods are equally important for our children to excel in the virtual and real world. Feeling and touching a pet can’t be replaced by reading a blog about it. At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that an email saves time and energy compared to writing a long letter to a distant friend. Both technology and tradition need to go hand in hand to live a harmonious life in this racing world.

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