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The Defense Bracelet!

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Introducing the Defense Bracelet!

I sad on the floor of my bedroom, half-dressed, sobbing in misery. I was at the breaking point…


You see, I started developing discomfort in my hands at the age of 29. Most people think that it hits the elderly, but the truth is it can hit you at any time.


By the time I was 40, this discomfort had eaten away at the joints in my hands to the point where I was always in pain… and I mean always.


You don’t realize how much you use your hands.

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It had become so painful and difficult that I just wanted to give up.

And that’s what landed me on the floor, half-dressed, sobbing… I had been trying to tie my shoes for 10 minutes and my fingers were so stiff and painful that I just couldn’t do it. I’d been to doctors… plenty of them. And I had a medicine cabinet full of medications that were supposed to help. The problem is, I actually READ the warnings on those medications: Liver failure. GI bleeding. Neurological problems. Addiction. Sudden death…

I’ve got a lot of life left to live, and I don’t want to live it high on painkillers or suffering from organ failure because of the medications I take. So I relied on medications, and (to be honest) wine at the end of every day.


But it clearly wasn’t working… because the pain was always with me, wearing me out and making me short-tempered and weary.


I’d made it a practice to never talk about my battle but that day, I finally poured my heart out to my friend over coffee.


She had no idea I’d been suffering so much, for so long… and it felt good to finally be honest about how much this affected my life.


A few days later, I got a package in the mail… Inside were two copper bracelets. I texted my friend right away, because I knew they had to be from her. She explained that these copper bracelets with strong magnets were supposed to relieve pain, especially in the wrists and hands.


I’ve got to admit… I was very skeptical.

But I was also desperate to remove any discomfort that wouldn’t wreck my health, so I tried them… On my left wrist, I used the cuff bracelet. On my right, I tried the link bracelet. Look… I’m not a person who goes in for every woo-woo, natural-healing fad. In fact, I’ve tried plenty of things that came with big promises but flat out didn’t work.

But the Defense Bracelets were different…

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Within a few hours, I felt like I had more mobility in my hands. I wore them 24/7 for a few days and noticed that my pain was a lot better…


I made dinner without having to take a rest from the pain. I edited my son’s school paper without having problems typing. I was able to skip doses of medications and didn’t feel like I needed a glass (or two) of wine to relax before bedtime.

Let me tell you this: It’s been life-changing!

I can’t promise they will work for everyone, but I CAN tell you that today, I won’t go without my copper Defense Bracelets. I now have 2 pairs of the cuff style and 2 link style, and if I’m having a particularly bad day I’ll wear both at the same time. I even think that the bracelets are helping me stay more relaxed and sleep better… I just feel more settled and at peace. My husband even got one for his carpal tunnel syndrome, and it’s helping him as well. I can’t recommend these bracelets enough. It’s a simple thing to do that makes a huge difference!


Magnetic Therapy

Powerful rare-earth magnets in the bracelet rest against the artery in your wrist.


As blood flows past them, the magnets act on the iron in your blood, lining up the red blood cells so that they can receive more oxygen. This improves circulation.

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Better circulation helps reduce inflammation. The increased blood flow helps your body promotes healing function, easing the discomforts from your arms and hands. The powerful magnets in our Defense Bracelets also help reduce lactic acid (the substance that causes soreness after you work out) and calcium deposits. Moving calcium ions through your body faster helps speed up the healing process in your nerves and bones.

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