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The dream

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                    Dream part-1 

A man who does not have time to think about others is asleep in a line. Then suddenly he has a dream. That dream is going to turn his life upside down. What dream is it, and is the result good? Or worse? Find out by reading this article. 

The father and his 4 daughters are lives in a small village. The father name is Joseph. Joseph is a carpenter. Joseph wife Elizabeth was passed away since 10 years ago. 

Tall figure curly hair soapy nose This is the Joseph’s appearanceJoseph will always be dirty when it comes out of the store. Joseph lives in a small rental home with his daughters for a poor condition.Joseph will work tirelessly to get a better life to his daughters.

Joseph first daughter name is Julie, second daughter name is Teresa, third daughter name is Diana, fourth daughter name is Maria. Joseph’s first daughter Julie is very quiet, and she is a very beautiful girl. Second daughter Teresa will not deny the word of the father. The third  daughter, Diana, is to want to become a doctor. Fourth daughter maria is a  very naughty girl.

Joseph always thinks about his daughter’s future, good life to his daughters. And he is also a poor man. Joseph, one day income is just $6. All expenses have to be made just by keeping this low money, makes house rent, food, transport charge, medicine, daughters school fees, buying clothes for his daughters, and other. All 4 daughters are obedience for their father. Julie and Teresa are caring the home. Diana’s finish for the school studies.  And Dianna is a very brave girl. Joseph always say Diana is a looks like his wife Elizabeth. 

One day, Diana come to her home and asked her father, oh! My father, I want to study medical. I have a desire to study medicine from a young age.  That is my dream ambition.  Dad are you remember?? That day?? Mom’s worst situation?? Mom’s last minute?? I made a decision that day. That was my ambition. What are you thinking about it? And medical is my dream dad, don’t say u won’t spend money for my medical college fees. She asked her father very sympathetically, She said so and left sadly. Diana will finish what he thought. And Joseph also knows about his daughter. Diana was definitely doing what her think. 

Joseph is thinking and crying. Julie and Teresa were shocking and asked their father about why he cried. Joseph told everything about Diana. So the other 2 sisters are encouraged their sister’s decision. But he didn’t have enough money to spend to Diana’s study. Joseph’s saved only $50 Regards for his daughter Julie  marriage. It will enough for wedding clothes, wedding ring and other cost. Joseph to confused. Joseph is thinking everything. Diana is studies good. she won good marks for all exams. But now more important is Julie’s marriage. So he decides to spend the money to Julie’s marriage. 
When Diana becomes a doctor, she will care for her family well. But Joseph didn’t think about Diana.
    conveyed to Diana 

Next day Joseph says to Diana, oh my dear daughter,  I have just $50 of my savings, it’s my past five years saving. You can’t able to study medicine. You know your father is poor. You should not be tempted to read. I decide to spend this money for your sister marriage. I can’t spend this money for your studies. So, u will be forgotten what u thinking. You will forget, forget everything. I can not fulfill your wish. Forgive me, he said, and went to his shop.  
There are worried about what happened. 
     diana’s decision 

Diana is very depressed, and she was in Tempe cried. What Can She do, Become A Doctor. Finally, she came to decide. She sighed and got up. She thinks to suicide. Then, she ate poison. Yes, she was dead. All sisters to pain for their sister’s dead. 
 When Joseph was known about this, he burst into tears.
Joseph’s was sweated. Joseph’s was tense. 
    Joseph’s wakeup 

Joseph suddenly wake up, Joseph’s were sweated. He can’t understand what’s happening. Slowly he got conscious. Joseph is thinking, again thinking, yes dream, dream, everything is a dream. Really very bad dream. Then understand everything, And he looks at the door outside and claps his hands, then 1 young lady come immediately and gives water in to the gold cup. 
The truth is that Joseph is a millionaire. Realistic is, Joseph is a multi-millionaire. He had a lot of business. And he has one and only son. His name is David. 
Joseph asked about his son to the server. The server girl name is mercy. Mercy is a beautiful girl. And she says, the boss ready to go to office, and she left the room.
   Joseph’s thought 

And Joseph thinking about his dream. Why suddenly comes like that dream. And he realized. This Joseph is a multi-millionaire. But, how many Josephs are there like the Joseph we saw in our dreams? Probably What, if God created our lives like that? The Lord, I could not even think about it.
  Joseph’s change. 

Joseph thinking We should be thankful for this situation that the Lord has given us. How thanksgiving to lord? Joseph understood. To thank our Lord is to help the poor and needy.  How many Josephs will there be, as if he were in the dream in this situation. I will help those who are no longer in trouble. 
Joseph founded a foundation. And Joseph announced  The full tuition cost of poor children who wish to study will be accepted. I will help poor people who are illiterate despite their desire to read, don’t worry about poor people anymore.  
Joseph did a lot of favors
   Devid introduction and his love.  

Joseph’s son David is a handsome male builder. All women like David. But David, He loves the housemaid mercy so much. But Doubt arose in his mind that his father would not accept this matter, and he was worried. He reluctantly told his father about his love. 
Joseph who heard this  to marry the woman you love. That said, it is the best. David was overjoyed to hear this. 
David asked about the father’s change, what happened to you dad, I feel a sudden change in you,  you will always be work, even you rarely talk to me, then why suddenly u changed. David asked Joseph.
Joseph says,
Should I answer in one word??
The dream.
The dream that Joseph had was a bad dream for him, but the effect of the dream is beautiful. 

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