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The inspiration found in the elephants rope

Visitors have accessed this post 79 times.

I’m sharing the motivational tale The Elephant Rope with you today.


One day a man was strolling through an elephant camp when he noticed that the elephants weren’t being chained or confined in cages.

A short piece of rope fastened to one of their legs was all that stood between them and freedom from the camp. The man was completely perplexed as he observed the elephants, wondering why they didn’t simply use their strength to cut the rope and get away from the camp. Although it would have been simple for them to do so, they made no attempt.He questioned a nearby trainer who was nearby in order to find out why the elephants were just standing there and not making any attempt to flee.

When they are very young and considerably smaller, the trainer said, we tie them up with the same size rope, and at that age, it’s enough to hold them. They are trained as children to think they can’t separate as they get older. They never attempt to free themselves because they still think the rope can hold them. The elephants were unable to escape the camp because they eventually came to believe that it was impossible.

Learned lesson

No matter how hard the world tries to stop you from achieving your goals, never give up on that belief. The most crucial step in actually attaining your goals is believing that you can succeed. Having faith in oneself.

No matter how hard the world tries to stop you from achieving your goals, never give up on that belief. The key to truly achieving success is to believe that you can do it.

Therefore, stop confining yourself to a limited life and stop restricting yourself to a little globe. Break free from the limitations placed on you by the notion that you are incapable of doing something, spread your wings, and soar! If you just have faith in yourself, you can achieve everything you put your mind to. Go ahead and give it a shot; regardless of the result, just enjoy and fully embrace every experience you come across in life! Who cares if it takes you 10 or 100 tries! The decisions you made or the ones you didn’t make, which will you regret more? All of this is a trip, so let’s make it AMAZING!



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