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231-kilogram ram entered in the book of records of Kazakhstan

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TURKESTAN. KAZINFORM – A farmer from the Turkestan region has bred a new breed of sheep – Baisary, Kazinform reports with reference to Social Media.

It has a strong constitution. One of the representatives of the breed – a ram named Million was recognized as the heaviest in the country. This was confirmed by representatives of the Book of Records. This fact has become a good advertising campaign. Owners of livestock farms from abroad became interested in the breed.

A million is recognized as the heaviest at the international exhibition. The weight of a four-year-old ram is 231 kilograms with a height of 1 meter 5 centimeters. His offspring are also of impressive size. The lamb named Billion weighs 125 kilograms. There is still room to grow – so far 96 centimeters.

The Saryagash farmer is passionate about breeding sheep. He says that even the inflated cost cannot change his decision. The entrepreneur brings sheep from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The man intends to officially register a new Kazakh breed of sheep.

“We have applied. If everything works out, we will make the documents and register them as Baisary. Both the Edilbaev breed and the breed brought from Kyrgyzstan, the Gissar breed, are mixed here, as well as from Afghanistan there are roots. But the basis is coarse-haired Edilbaevskaya,” says farmer Kuanysh Myktybaev.

Heavyweight sheep are a good source of income, the farmer admits. Kuanysh Myktybaev knows exactly the amount of expenses and profits. Ordinary rams at the age of one year weigh 30 kilograms, “Baysars” reach 75 already in four months, and by the year – up to 120 kilograms.

“Somehow I did not agree to sell this ram for 100 thousand dollars. Now this is their average price. And at one time I got it for 40 thousand dollars. This is a lamb of Kazakh origin. If you have a thousand of these sheep and look after them properly, you can earn a million dollars a year,” the farmer notes.

The condition of breeding sheep depends on care. According to experts, nutrition should be balanced. In addition to standard feed, vegetables and vitamins are important in the diet.

“We feed sheep by weight. In the morning – fresh barley and wheat, at noon and in the evening – boiled, add more wheat and corn. In winter, we increase food by one kilogram. In addition to the main food, we cut apples, carrots, pumpkins, and beets. And this is how it is every day,” says Raiymzhan Baratov, a farm worker.

Mongolian cattle breeders ordered 2-3 thousand heads of sheep from a Turkestan farmer. Kyrgyz farmers came up with a purchase proposal. Interest in heavyweights is also shown in Uzbekistan. Thus, the meat-fat Baisar breed is gaining popularity abroad.

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