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4 ways to dress gender neutral

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4 ways to dress gender neutral

Fashion is the original form of self-expression.


For what seems like *all* of human history (well…in our lifetime), specific pieces of clothing have been attached to stereotypes. For example, when someone wears all black it makes them emo, or how a frilly dress is automatically girly, so wearing one would assume their gender is female. It can be especially difficult for those of us who do not identify as a boy or a girl to follow these “societal guidelines.” Let’s be real—clothing has no gender.


Gen-Z, it’s time to keep ditching the silly stereotypes to invite a more accepting view on fashion and gender. If you are trans, nonbinary, or just wanting to experiment with different types of gender-fluid fashion, test out these four gender-neutral fashion go-to’s!


Oversized jeans? Yes, pls!

Nonbinary people often begin wearing baggy clothes because they just don’t feel that comfortable in their bodies. Since the world is telling them that their assigned sex at birth determines their gender, it makes perfect sense for nonbinary or trans folks to want to hide their bodies. Remember, your body is a part of Y-O-U—it’s not an enemy working to make your life more difficult or to make you feel ashamed.


We challenge you to begin expressing who you are by accessorizing the body you were born with. Make the outside you just as brilliant and cool as who you are on the inside. Baggy jeans are the current obsession, and we have held no exception! If you still aren’t totally confident in your body, try out oversized tees or pants. Baggy jeans are the perfect item to use when creating gender-neutral outfits, and they pair with just about everything!

Wear a stylish pair of coveralls

Coveralls are *super* cute and are a staple in a gender-neutral closet. When we were little kids, everyone—regardless of gender—jumped around in mud puddles and played hide-and-seek in denim overalls. (I used to *live* in a pair with stitched strawberries on the front pocket!)


Let’s return to those good ol’ days where coveralls were a genderless fashion piece, made solely because they were efficient and oh-so-cute! Try out different earthy tones, off-whites, or timeless denim. Pair with a long sleeve tee underneath, a cozy sweatshirt, a solid color jacket, or a cropped top for endless outfit options.


Layer with quirky button-ups

Quirky shirts and button-ups are a must for anyone who dabbles in genderless clothing. The straight cut, elbow-length sleeves, and fun patterns are perf for any body type. Let’s not forget how easy and versatile button-ups make for any outfit or season! Pair with a long sleeve turtleneck or crop top to layer. Or, add on a pair of long-cut jean shorts and hit the town. It’s giving…gender euphoria!


Thrift a colorful vintage sweater

Thrift stores are a hub for unisex clothing. Clothing typically designed for a certain gender is up for grabs for just about anyone! From baggy skater jeans thrifted from the men’s section to our new obsession—colorful vintage sweaters—in the women’s section, thrift stores are *the* place to start searching for gender-neutral clothing. Vintage sweaters are super cozy and work well with binders (while simultaneously keeping the look trendy and stylish).

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