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5 color combinations you should wear this spring

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5 color combinations you should wear this spring

The perfect solution to finding new fits for the springtime? Mixing colors that sound like complete opposites. Think of the pink and green trend from last spring, which quickly became a *super* cute go-to combo. Just like that, the blue blazer you only wear with neutrals can become a new fave when you start pairing it with greens and purples. We’ve got five standout color combos you *won’t* want to miss out on this spring, trust.


Lilac & blue

We’re loving lilac this season. It’s soft and sweet, and not to mention the perfect pop of pastel. This szn, try pairing it with your fave shade of blue (we heart baby and royal blues). You can even keep your look simple with a lilac tee and a blue cardi, or incorporate purple into the whole fit with a lilac blazer and a blue dress.


Green & yellow

If you’re not quite ready to mix bright colors with your whole outfit, consider picking out the main piece and adding in the other color as an accessory. A green or yellow mani is a great way to add a pop of neon to everyday outfits. And for those spring days that are just a bit too chilly for just a tank, try layering on a cozy yellow sweater and a green baseball cap.


White & orange

We can def agree that orange is a statement color on its own. But lately, we’ve noticed the cutest lewks when orange and white are paired together. The white balances out the orange (and totally reminds us of a creamsicle, tbh). To easily rock this look, pick out your go-to white t-shirt or button-up and throw an orange blazer or jacket over it.


Hot pink & beige

Pairing pink with any color is an instant classic, but this combo keeps your look low-key and elegant. By mixing hot pink with beige, you get an outfit that’s equal parts fun and formal. Go with a statement piece like an oversized pink blazer and keep the rest of your outfit monochromatic with neutral pieces.


Mint green & white

If you’re not a fan of bold colors, mint green and white will be the perfect combo for you. The mint acts as a neutral *and* allows you to step out of your color comfort zone. We recommend going for a pair of mint green jeans—or you can opt for a mint top if colored pants aren’t your thing. Happy styling!

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