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A Guide to the Effect Video Games Can Have on Basic Motor Skills

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A Guide to the Effect Video Games Can Have on Basic Motor Skills

Introduction: What is a video game?

Video games are electronic games that people play on devices. Platforms can be game consoles, computers or mobile devices.

The interaction with the game is through the player’s actions, which are usually facilitated by a hand-held controller. The actions can cause an update to the game state and this change is then reflected on the screen.


How can Video Games Affect Motor Skills?

Video games can affect the development of your motor skills.

The study found that video games could cause children to have more difficulties in certain physical tasks such as throwing a ball and catching a ball. This is because these types of physical tasks require a lot of hand-eye coordination, which can be developed through playing video games.



Video games have evolved significantly over the past few decades. They have gone from something that was played by a select few, to being a form of entertainment that is easily accessible for all people.

The first video game system was created by Ralph Baer in 1966. He called it the ‘Brown Box’. It was a tabletop console that could play a variety of games. That system led to the creation of countless other consoles and systems, as well as video games designed for those consoles and systems.

In this guide, we will be discussing the basics of video games and their effect on basic motor skills. This paper will also explore how video games can help kids with disabilities as well as ways to make them educational as well as fun at the same time.

Positive Effects Playing Video Games can have on Basic Motor Skills Development

We often hear about the negative effects that playing video games can have on kids. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to video games can have a negative effect on children’s attention spans and social skills. But, research has also shown benefits to playing video games, such as an increase in basic motor skills development.

A study published by The American Journal of Occupational Therapy found that kids who play video games are better at using their hands for controlling movement than children who don’t play any video games at all. Researchers used a card flipping game to test this skill and found that the children who played the game were better able to control their hand movements than those who didn’t play the game at all.

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Conclusion: The Benefits to Playing Video Games Depend on How Regularly They are Played

In conclusion, playing video games is not a bad thing as long as the player is honest with themselves and their limits. There are many benefits to playing video games.

Every activity has both pros and cons, but what matters is the frequency of the activity in question, not its inherent goodness or badness.


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