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How To Cleanse The Face Naturally At Home?

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One must first know how to use the cleanser to keep the face clean. This is because some cleansers may not be suitable for your face. Thus you may face skin problems. So choose the right cleanser when doing skin care.

Cleanser plays an important role in our daily skin care routine. Washing the face with cleanser keeps the skin clean and gives us a radiant face. The cleanser plays a very important role in removing the dead cells in the skin. It is imperative to use cleanser before we do makeup.

Choosing a Cleanser 

Many cleansers sold in stores contain excess ethanol and excess surfactants. The added acid mantle causes redness, irritation, clogged pores and a lot of skin irritating effects. 

So it is very important that we choose the right cleanser. That way we know how to apply the cleanser on the skin.

How to apply skin cleanser 

The dermatologist recommends prescribing an SOS cleanser infused with blue daisy extract to help balance the skin’s pH. You can use a cream cleanser for dry and dehydrated skin. Gel type cleanser can be used for oily skin types. This way you can choose the cleanser that suits your skin type.

How to properly clean the face 

Take a few drops from the cleanser and place them on your palms. 

Apply the cleanser on your face using both hands. Use a cleanser on the cheeks, the base of the jaw, the base of the nose, the sides of the nose, between the eyebrows, and the forehead. 

Start at the center of the forehead and apply more cleanser. Then wipe your face with a towel or beauty pad. Let your face dry.

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