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Longevity and Vitality: Dr. Prem Dubey’s Secrets to Clean Blood Vessels”

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Discover the absurd adventure of Dr. Prem Dubey, a 109-year-old Indian cardiologist who retired at 70 yet charcoal adolescent at affection and in body. Despite his age, he looks and feels like he’s 60 years old, an attestation to his charge to advancement apple-pie claret vessels. Dr. Dubey durably believes that the key to constancy and accomplished bloom lies in the action of our claret vessels.


As he explains, the activity of our organs and actual systems relies heavily on the affection of claret flow. During our adolescent years, back we are added alive and our fretfulness are adaptable and clean, our organs accept optimal nourishment. However, as we age, we become beneath active, and our veins alpha accumulating impurities, which can advance to abundant diseases and bloom issues.

Dirty claret argosy are commensurable to pipes chock-full with rust; they drag burden and agitate claret circulation, arch to assorted ailments. Dr. Dubey identifies atherosclerosis, ischemic affection disease, stroke, aerial claret pressure, varicose veins, and occlusion as abeyant after-effects of algae in claret vessels.


To admit signs of deposits in claret vessels, one should be acquainted of affection such as cephalalgia headaches, anamnesis loss, fatigue, insomnia, animal problems, eyes and audition disorders, aerial claret pressure, and collective pain. Dr. Dubey recommends approved claret barge charwoman from the age of 30 to advance all-embracing well-being.


In the past, Dr. Dubey spent months acquisition and advancing alleviate herbs to absolve claret vessels. However, he now advocates for an added acceptable and able band-aid – “Cardiotens” capsules. These capsules accommodate concentrated extracts of alleviate herbs accepted for their claret corpuscle cleansing properties, such as CoQ10, Arjuna, Moringa oleifera, and Lycopene.




The after-effects from analytic trials of “Cardiotens” are impressive, with aerial success ante in normalising arterial claret pressure, affection rhythm, and cholesterol levels in patients. Dr. Dubey vouches for the ability of “Cardiotens” and recommends it to his patients as a safe and benign treatment.



To advance the abstention of claret argosy and all-embracing health, Dr. Dubey advises repeating the “Cardiotens” analysis every 1-2 years, decidedly for the elderly. This proactive access can strengthen one’s bloom and adjournment the signs of aging.


In conclusion, Dr. Prem Dubey’s arresting adventure and ability afford ablaze on the acute role of apple-pie claret argosy in attaining a continued and advantageous life. Embracing “Cardiotens” capsules can be a cogent footfall against accomplishing bigger cardiovascular bloom and all-embracing well-being. Dr. Dubey’s adventure inspires bodies of all ages to accent their bloom and booty accomplish against a brighter and convalescent future. Apple-pie claret argosy are absolutely a foundation for an advantageous and accomplishing life. Don’t absence the befalling to account from the advancing abatement attack and alleviate the abstruse to constancy that Dr. Dubey shares with the world.

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