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Simple steps to make you look 10 years younger?

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Every woman always wants to appear with a youthful look that makes her look younger than her real age, she is always trying to search in the world of fashion and fashion to choose everything new and keep pace with the latest modern trends. It is not only taking care of choosing the pieces of clothing that will make you look younger, there are some daily habits that some women may overlook, despite their importance, that can combat the signs of aging and improve the appearance of the skin. That is why we decided to answer here the question that concerns all women, which is “How do I look younger?”. 

How do I look younger? We are not talking here about expensive or cumbersome cosmetic procedures for you, but about following some simple daily habits that will make you look younger and more youthful, get to know them in the following lines. Exercising regularly You will not imagine the extent to which exercise affects your health and fitness. Regular exercise combats the appearance of wrinkles and makes you enjoy fresher skin, as it increases the supply of skin with oxygen and nutrients that stimulate collagen production. This is in addition to the importance of sports in renewing body cells and getting rid of negative energies, and replacing them with a state of activity and vitality that is reflected on your face and your entire appearance.

Avoid getting caught in the hot sun: If you are exposed to the sun every day for more than 15 minutes, this helps the wrinkles appear on your skin quickly. Therefore, you should use a sunscreen with a protection rate of at least 30 when you go out during the day in summer or in winter, taking care to use a suitable moisturizer for the skin daily to maintain the vitality of the skin always. Rejuvenate your hair: If you have been styling your hair in a traditional way for a long time, it is time to choose a new hairstyle that highlights your facial features and makes you look different years younger than your age. Among these hairstyles is the “pony tail”, where beauticians point out that many women think that this hairstyle gives them a greater age, and the fact is that it paints a picture of them much younger than their age in others. Eat healthy foods: Nutrition experts point out that the type of food affects the general health, skin and appearance, so attention should be paid to obtaining beneficial nutrients that give the skin the vitamins it needs to make its appearance more beautiful and youthful. You should also avoid eating processed and fatty foods, which lead to weight gain and make the woman appear older than her age. Maintaining the internal hydration of your body: Drink at least 8 or 10 glasses of water daily, in order to maintain the freshness of your skin. Moisturizing your body helps you to improve your condition both internally and externally, which is quickly reflected on your skin, making it appear permanently lively. Get enough sleep: The sufficient and ideal period of sleep is 8 hours during the night, in order to get rid of the stresses of daily life, relax the body and get young skin for a longer period, as lack of sleep causes problems for the skin and makes it dull

Smile and laugh from the heart: If happiness extends life, smiling always makes us look younger than our real age, a Canadian magazine “Selection” conducted a study in which it allowed people of different ages to see thousands of selfies in order to guess the ages of those in them based on their facial expressions. The result was that faces with a neutral expression were rated closer to reality, while fearful faces were rated as older than the truth, and happy faces as younger than they were. Makeup tricks that make you look younger You can appear with a permanent youthful look by using some makeup tricks, such as using concealer that hides dark spots and circles from the face, taking care to distribute it well so as not to leave layers on the skin. You can also apply blush on the top of the cheekbone, and never do without volumizing mascara for eyelashes , which always gives you a youthful look when used. Looks that rejuvenate you If you succeed in choosing clothes that fit your body shape and hide its flaws, you will not only look elegant, but will also have an attractive and younger appearance. Make sure to choose the appropriate sizes for your body, and wear bright-coloured, floral-decorated clothes, and circular-shaped glasses, to give you a wonderful youthful look.

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