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Sites to Make $1000 Every Month Selling Canva Templates:

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Sites to Make $1000 Every Month Selling Canva Templates:


One such avenue is selling customizable Canva templates. With the rising demand for visually appealing content, Canva has emerged as a popular graphic design tool accessible to the masses. This essay will explore ten platforms where aspiring designers can make $1000 every month by selling their Canva templates.


1. Etsy:


Etsy is a renowned online marketplace that offers a wide range of products, including graphics and templates. It attracts a large customer base specifically interested in unique and customizable designs, making it an ideal platform for selling Canva templates.


2. Creative Market:


Creative Market is a leading platform for design assets, and it offers a dedicated section for Canva templates. Here, designers can reach a vast audience and showcase their templates to potential customers seeking high-quality, professional designs.


3. Design Bundles:


Design Bundles is a platform that focuses on curating design resources at affordable prices. Selling Canva templates on this platform enables designers to tap into a price-sensitive market without compromising on their artistic capabilities.


4. GraphicRiver:


GraphicRiver is an extensive marketplace, offering a diverse range of design products, including Canva templates. With a wide customer base searching for templates catering to various industries, this platform allows designers to reach potential clients with ease.


5. Creative Fabrica:


Creative Fabrica is a subscription-based marketplace for design assets. By becoming a seller on this platform, designers can earn a monthly income for every Canva template they sell, making it a viable option for generating a consistent revenue.


6. Design Cuts:


Design Cuts offers exclusive bundles of design resources, including Canva templates, to a niche community of design enthusiasts and professionals. Joining this platform provides access to a highly engaged audience, substantially increasing the chances of making $1000 every month.


7. offers pre-designed templates for various design software, including Canva. By contributing to their vast collection, designers can leverage their templates’ visibility and earn a consistent income.


8. Creativev Market:


Creativev Market is an up-and-coming online marketplace that specializes in digital assets. By selling Canva templates on this platform, designers can tap into a growing community of buyers actively seeking creative and customizable resources.


9. Gumroad:


Gumroad is a versatile platform catering to various digital creators, including designers. Its user-friendly interface, extensive audience reach, and built-in marketing tools make it an attractive option for selling Canva templates and generating a steady monthly income.


10. Social Media Platforms:


Leveraging the power of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, can significantly contribute to selling Canva templates. By showcasing template previews, sharing design tips, and engaging with potential customers, designers can create a loyal following and drive sales.


Selling Canva templates presents a viable option for aspiring designers to earn $1000 every month. By utilizing the ten platforms mentioned – Etsy, Creative Market, Design Bundles, GraphicRiver, Creative Fabrica, Design Cuts,, Creativev Market, Gumroad, and social media platforms – designers can capitalize on the increasing demand for visually appealing content and tap into a wide range of potential customers. With dedication, creativity, and perseverance, success in generating a consistent monthly income is entirely within reach.

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