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Ten New Hobbies to Take on This Spring

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Ten New Hobbies to Take on This Spring

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, we are gaining more of a desire to get outside in nature. Whether it be to soak up the sun, get some fresh air, or go exercise; we all want ways to break this cabin fever and get back outside again. Below, I’ve provided some new hobbies to try so that you can mix up what you get out there and do this spring! Some of which can also be done inside on those not quite sunny and warm days.


1. Skateboarding


I’ve watched skateboarding become more and more of a trend within the past couple of years, especially on large college campuses where students want faster ways to get from point A to point B. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to the size and shape of the decks you are looking at trying. Longboards, penny boards, skateboards; there are all kinds of boards that you can try. They can even come in bright colors or with an acrylic appearance so that you can find the board that fits your aesthetic.


2. Rollerblading or Roller Skating


If you’re a fan of ice skating, then you’ll probably also enjoy rollerblading/skating. Like the idea of skateboarding, the only difference is that you have boots with wheels on them rather than a board you stand on. If you’re looking for a little bit more of a challenge or just want to find a way to skate during warm weather months, this could be a fun hobby to try out. Just remember to wear protection when you’re learning so you don’t get hurt!


3. Gardening


I think we can all agree that gardening can be such a relaxing activity to do. Getting outside in the sun and growing your own food can be so rewarding and fulfilling. Don’t worry! You don’t need to have a big backyard, or any backyard really, to partake in this hobby! If you have your own yard that you can build or create garden beds in then that’s fantastic, but if you’re still living in a college apartment like me, then you probably don’t have this luxury. You could purchase seeds, soil, and a pot to make your own little garden that you can place in your window. Or you could even purchase a small gardening kit from places like Walmart or Target, which would come with everything you need to grow your plant all in one place.


4. Foraging


While I have never taken on this hobby myself, I have seen it becoming more and more popular as people want to become closer to nature. Foraging consists of going out into your own background and finding or growing food that you can then use in your meals. While this takes a little more research to understand what is or isn’t safe to eat, this could be fun for those who have a desire to become more connected with nature and want to see what the environment can provide them with. It could even save you money on your next grocery trip!


5. Yoga


This is an extremely easy hobby to take on because you really don’t need anything but your body to do it! While purchasing a mat or blocks can help to make the experience even better, it’s possible to partake in yoga without spending any money! While this is an activity that you can also do inside, going outside in the fresh air and nature can help to improve your experience and make you feel calmer. When you insert yourself into nature to meditate and move your body, you can feel as one with the Earth and it will probably help to improve your mental state as its benefits include reducing anxiety and depression and increasing energy levels.


6. Hiking


Hiking is a great way to get out in nature and get exercise while doing it. The views that you can see while out on a hike can be breathtaking and it gives you time and space to think. You don’t have to go hike a mountain to go hiking, you could even just go for a walk in the park, go spend some time on nature trails, or even just explore the environment in your backyard. This hobby allows you to be one with nature and relax without worrying about any struggles in your day-to-day life.


7. Biking


Pretty much everyone knows how to ride a bike and if not then it can be easy to learn how to! Biking could be an alternative to traveling in a car which not only could improve your physical health but the health of the environment as well. Going out on designated trails or even just riding around your town can be a fun activity to do with friends or on your own! You get fresh air, physical activity, and experience in nature.


8. Bullet Journaling


Journaling can be such a relaxing and mind-opening activity that allows you to become more connected with yourself and your well-being. There are also different kinds of journaling that you can take on depending on what interests you. Whether your style is more of journaling down your thoughts/ideas, how your day went, or if you want to get more creative and create fun prompts to use, there are many options as well as benefits from this hobby.


9. Collecting Sea Glass/Rocks


This hobby is like those who enjoy collecting crystals. There are some beautiful pieces that can be found in nature and if you’re really interested in energy, then you could research and learn about the pieces you found and if they have similar energy properties to crystals. Rocks and sea glass can be just as beautiful and detailed as crystals and by going out and finding them yourself in nature, you may find more enjoyment out of the process and feel prouder of what you find.


10. Crocheting/Knitting


While this hobby may not seem like it is for everyone, it can be fun to be able to make your own pieces of clothing fit perfectly to your body type. I began crocheting years ago and have found it to be one of the most rewarding and relaxing activities to do as I get to relax and design tops that I can then wear! This could potentially be a cheaper alternative to buying new clothes as you could spend $30 on one shirt, or you could go to the craft store and pay $4 for a ball of yarn that you get two to three shirts out of! It also can be fun to be able to say that you made the shirt you are wearing and maybe even have people ask you to make one for them… a potential small business idea! 😉

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